Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stick Around App in High School Anatomy Class

Mr. Anderson integrated the Stick Around app into the "learning about the skull" activity for students.  The Stick Around app was a perfect tool for students to create interactive learning opportunities for students based on student textbook resources.

View The Students Working and The Workflow

Note: We were able to publish the Hour 2 projects as puzzles and export those puzzles to the Google Drive folders.

Students now have 18 interactive puzzles to master the bones of the skulls.

Creativity & Critical Thinking:  Students needed to establish the exact placement of the stickers and the answers so that no answer areas were conflicting.

Collaboration: The puzzles were created in groups of two or three.  Students were held accountable for their creations as all of the puzzles were shared with the teacher and placed in a Google Drive folder.  This allows all students to view the creations of students.

iTunes U & iBooks Content Introduction For The Classroom

iTunes U and iBooks have an enormous amount of K-12 information that can be utilized for all content in the classroom.  This content could be used as
  • Investigative research material
  • Supplemental information to support other resources
  • Personalized learning plans for all or parts of concepts
  • Station work for use in the classroom or in Personal Learning Areas
  • Independent study for students

Teachers have used iTunes U content in many different ways.

To access the iTunes U content, download the iTunes program to your laptop if you haven't done so already.  This can be done be visiting the Software Center on your desktop.  It looks like this.

Once iTunes is installed, iTunes U content can be accessed.  You will need to agree to the terms of use.

After clicking agree you will be able to access the information.

To access all of this information on the iPad, the iTunes U app is needed,

iBooks app
The iBooks app provides SO many interactive learning opportunities.  Most of the books allow for a SAMPLE to view the first 20-30 pages of each book.  These books could be purchased as one book, placed on an iPad and shown through the AirServer app as a supplemental resource.

If you would like to have a book placed on the iPads, we can do that!  

***This is a Lunch N' Learn that can give you an idea of what these two resources can provide you.  Please consider attending so that the resources can be viewed.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Assessment Ideas At Your Fingertips Using the iPad

During our inservice day, teachers were involved with the topic of assessment.  With Mrs. Schmidt, I led two sessions on assessment using the iPad.

To begin we talked about Assessment For/Of Learning, how assessments look differently with Smarter Balanced in the picture, benefits of iPad Creation Apps for assessment, and how the four C's are required for assessment using certain apps on the iPad.

Apps that were presented with real classroom video examples include
While having lists of apps is not something I strive to share with teachers, specific examples of how the apps have and could be used in classrooms is important.  Our hope is that teachers will choose one or two of the apps to focus in on and have students use them often.  Once students use the app over and over again, the technology tool doesn't  become the learning experience.  The technology tool becomes the medium for students to "show what they know".

Time is always a precious aspect of the classroom.  We understand that.  If you are a classroom teacher, please try one app and stick with it.  Students will get very proficient at using it.  You will find that the time for creation assessments WILL get shorter while the content quality improves.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Google Classroom Assignment QUICK VIEW

Google Classroom was presented to our staff on September 15, 2014.  We continue to find great features.  Learn about one of them below.

In one minute, you can learn how to view Google Classroom Assignments QUICKLY!

Learn about Google Classroom on the iPad

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Google Sheets, Slides, & Classroom on the iPad

Part 2 of 2. View Part 1 with Drive and Docs on the iPad

Google Sheets on the iPad

Google Slides on the iPad
  • View preexisting Google Presentations created on a laptop/computer
  • Share preexisting Google Presentations created on a laptop/computer
  • Present preexisting Google Presentations created on a laptop/computer
  • Create new presentations with formatting of each slide 
  • Cannot (at this time) insert an image into a Google Slide on the iPad
  • Collaborate on a slide presentation with multiple users

Educational Uses For Google Presentations/Slides
Google Classroom
  • Use with Chrome or Safari browser
  • Access all Google Drive content
  • Teacher/Student Dialogue
  • Teacher assigned tasks with due dates
  • Attach photos from iPad, links, YouTube content
View the Features

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Comic Maker iPad App In Science

Mr. Lenz is using the Comic Maker iPad app so that students can critically think and create a clear understanding of Experimental Design Process.  A rubric was created.

Students talk about the app and the process.

Creativity: Students needed to add some form of personal design to facilitate the knowledge of the Experimental Design Process.  Many different characters and settings help to establish a time line to understand the process.

Follow Up:
In an afternoon email received from the classroom teacher, some insightful information about the learning opportunity was provided.

  • I found out it was not JUST the app that helped them to derive their own learning, but I found the conversations/discussions all throughout the day(s) as the real basis for synthesis of learning. The app serve as a vehicle for understanding.
  •  I highly recommend the app. For me...so far, this app has brought the greatest forum for improvement of learning. And the kids enjoyed it... that is always a bonus!

Stick Around iPad App in High School Psychology

In May of 2014, I introduced our staff to the Stick Around App. It is an incredible interactive app that is perfect for content area.  Today, Mr. Krause, High School Pshychology, utilized this app to solidify the parts and functions of the brain.  I introduced the basic features of the app for about five minutes using AirServer to broadcast functions of the iPad app onto our screen.  After that, we periodically would broadcast tips and tricks for about thirty seconds to the students as the situation arose in our classroom.

I was thankful that our Superintendent, Mr. Thompson, joined us today as he was able to witness a technology coach and a classroom teacher working efficiently together.

Truthfully, this learning opportunity couldn't have went any smoother!  It was awesome!

View how and what the students accomplished during this interactive lesson.

Collaboration: Students discovered links and information on one iPad and shared that information with another student on a different iPad utilizing Google Drive.
Creativity:  Students were able to decide the design and content of their puzzle.
Critical Thinking: Not only did students need to label parts of the brain, they also needed to provide additional resources for supporting the purpose of each brain part.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Google Drive and Docs on the iPad

Part 1 of 2: View Part 2
The Google Drive app and the Google Docs app enhances communication, collaboration, creation, and critical thinking while using the iPad.

A number of features of the Google Drive App for the iPad include:
  • A transportation device for photos, videos, projects (from different apps)
  • Ability to share any item in the Google Drive with others using and email address  
  • Searching for your documents can occur with a few key words
  • Storage of PDF documents for easy reading
In two minutes you can learn about Google Drive on the iPad.

Google has incorporated additional apps Docs, Sheets, and Slides into the iPad app system.  These apps act as NEW TABS and allow you to create and edit files in each of these apps.

Today, we will focus on Docs.
The Docs app allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on a single document.  Comments can also be inserted on documents for collaboration purposes.

If you have a Google Document on an iPad and it has a table in it, there is a quick way to edit this on an iPad.  If you see a triangle with an exclamation mark, follow a few steps to edit it.
See how to edit tables on the iPad:


At this time, an image can not be inserted into a Google Document on the iPad.

Docs App On The iPad

Friday, October 10, 2014

iPad and IEPs Workflow For Documenting Student Successes

Yesterday, Kare Goodness, our high school adaptive physical education teacher, and I presented at the Wisconsin State technology in special education conference.  What started two years ago with a conversation has now developed into a tremendous workflow that has created positive relationships between parents and our school and an accurate account of students meeting IEP goals through video evidence.

While this is for physical education, it truly could be for many items.  Reading fluency, demonstrating proper emotions, math facts, standards based grading, and much more.

*Due to privacy of students, some of the documents are unviewable in the presentation.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Media Class Press Pass

Mr. Manning has several media classes which require students to exit the room to obtain video footage.  In the past, he has created a Word document to create media passes.  He asked me yesterday if there is a better way than trying to resize the picture accurately every time in Word.

I had remembered Big Huge Labs and the many great creation tools they have.  They have a media pass template.  Great features include.

  • Automatic picture formatting
  • Expiration date of the pass
  • Customized colors
Great tool to help with the efficient use of a teacher's time. Some examples are below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

iPad Creation Apps Updated 2014

On March 27, 2012, I decided to write a blog post on "Creation Apps Used on the iPad".  Since then, many of these apps have been utilized to help students "Show What They Know" through collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

The top apps from this list could be considered for the next opportunity for students to "Show What They Know from a concept, unit, or chapter.

Creation Apps

Explain Everything
Complete white board and screen recording with video, pictures, websites, diagrams, text, annotations, animations, and more.  It truly does facilitate so many options for allowing students to discover new concepts or become assessed on something that they have learned.
Stick Around
Students move stickers to the correct spot on a background.   Not only can the puzzles be used to show mastery of concepts, but the puzzles can used to develop and teach the concepts by students who are creating them.

Haiku Deck
A presentation tool that places stunning images combined with words to present information that students are learning or have learned.
Creating comics has always been a part of education.  Substitute paper and pencil with this app that can export the final product to many different locations

*Banner at the top of the post was created with CoolText.  (works on an iPad in a browser)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Google Forms: Only One Response, Shuffle Questions and More

Google continues to improve FORMS!!!

For assessment, data acquiring, surveying, t-shirt options, and more!

New features in Google Forms could be utilized to validate the data.  I created a form to specifically test all of the new features.

Google Form Options
Clicking the final two boxes provides some options.

Only allow one response per person provides this if a responder wants to fill the form out again.

From my testing, I have concluded that this works even if the Require "your organization" login to view this form is NOT checked.

It occurs Incognito mode as well.

I also tested the "Shuffle Question Order"
My original form looks like this.

Another feature while adding multiple choice or choose from a list questions is shuffling the answers.

I completed the form four times and each time the form questions were in a different order.  I did notice that the PASSWORD question was always first - that's a good thing!
The responses in the spreadsheet were all in the same order! The form questions were not.  That rocks!

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