Monday, October 31, 2016

iPad Efficiency - Making Meaning Out of Symbols

Through a Tweet by @shfarnsworth, I discovered an iPad Fluency hand drawn chart which clarified common symbols found while using an iPad. With every student receiving an iPad in the coming weeks, I decided to make this a formal poster using Canva.  I titled it iPad Efficiency. While a PDF version may be of interest for staff to print, a digital copy is below.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Explore - Design Suggestions In Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets

Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets used to have a "research" area on each file to help with finding information while creating.  Google has changed that to "Explore".
Explore Colorful Image Above Created By Jack Wallen
All of the features are available on a computer or Chromebook.  Unfortunately, they are not available on an iPad at this time.  However, many educators continue to create lesson content on a laptop or computer, and these features may come in handy.

A detailed description of how these work can be found here.

The official Google Docs Blog also has some quick tips on how to use the new features.



Many of the Explore options will be discussed today during Lunch N' Learn.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reminder App as the Best Productivity App

As we are less than a month from 2,000 iPads entering the hands of our middle and high school students, teachers during today's Lunch N' Learn will learn about the Reminder App.  Every student and teacher will have the Reminder App on their iPad and/or on their iPhone.

I believe this app will provide an instant "to do list" based on a number of options.

  • Students can create assignment reminders based on a time
  • Students can create assignment reminders based on leaving a location or arriving at a location.
  • Students can create assignment reminders using Siri
  • Students can create assignment reminders based on priority

My favorite is the "Remind me at a location" feature in which I can state a specific address and the reminder pops on the iPhone home screen as I either LEAVE or ARRIVE at an address.  This will be perfect for students who are arriving at home.

Consider encouraging students to use the Reminder App and as a teacher try it!  It may just be the "To Do" app that makes things "To Done"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Sharrow

Today's lunch n' learn focused teachers attention on "The Sharrow".

Made With

The Sharrow is iOS's gateway to collaboration and creativity.  Every app that has options to connect with other apps can easily make it happen by finding the sharrow.

We looked at how PDFs are going to be placed into the best digital note taking app, Notability and other productivity and creativity apps.  

We also reviewed the options for images including the positives and negatives of students having access to AirDrop.

Positives:  Collaborating on research with images, pdfs, and websites.  With the collaboration of items, students could then create their own "show what they know" item based on the research of many.

Negatives: We realize that students could snap pictures or share completed PDFs via AirDrop.  This will provide us great opportunity to discuss digital citizenship.

Remembering the "Sharrow" and it's many ways that it opens the door to productivity can enhance the educational experience.

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