Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Comic Maker Utilized For Spanish Vocabulary Conversations

Students in Ms. Slusarek's Spanish class were provided multiple technology creation tools to display knowledge of proper Spanish vocabulary in conversation.  While this example does not display proper grammar throughout, it provides a glimpse into creative conversation through an iPad app called Comic Maker.  Comic Maker is part of the Top Tech Tool Infographic and utilized for the first time in our school.  Comic Maker's official tutorial is somewhat lengthy, but detailed.  It didn't take twenty-eight minutes for students to successfully create with the app.

 Overall, the Comic Maker app was easy to use and fit this learning environment perfectly.
View several student creations!

Impact On Students:
Creativity:  Not only did students need to use proper Spanish grammar, but creating a conversation took time and effort.  Students also need to develop characters and scenes.

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