Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Goose Chase - Scavenger Hunt For The Masses

Update - Bottom of Post!

Goosechase.com is a fantastic tool that works on mobile devices (iOS or Android) and on computers.  Combine collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking into one "mission" learning experience.

While Goosechase allows for a "recreational" free option, it is intended for only friends and family. To Goosechase's credit, they understand school budgets are tight.  They have provided a "request for classroom license" option which allows K-12 or College/University students to use one game per request.  Requests are unlimited and does provide a way for educators to use the tremendous tools of Goosechase without purchasing anything.  Please note, that the request needs to be made in advance.  Allow for plenty of time before the game is played.

*Note: We are finding that emails get mailed quicker if a game does not have a password.  I suggest that you send the email a day or at least a night prior to the learning lesson.
*Since we are not one to one, we are asking our students to get the app on their phones.  No one has objected yet.

View how it works via presentation

View how it works via video

Thank you Ms. Slusarek for creating the video and for trying this with your students!

Get Chasin'

Mrs. Jessica Moseng, high school physical education, incorporated this today (May 4, 2016).  Video and images of students "getting physical fitness without knowing it" occurred during the entire time!

Watch and view the happenings!
View more images!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

iPadU Introduction, Background

I am so honored and blessed to be able to join the iPadU Conference in Cedar Rapids, IA in July 2016.

I utilized our improved "recording studio",

a small tripod for an iPhone, iMovie for iPhone, and Wistia to host the video.  To use Wistia, I transferred the produced video file to my computer and uploaded it to Wistia.  I chose Wistia because they do a great job (I'm using the free version) of gathering viewing statistics on a video.

Connect with me on Twitter (use #iPadU), or you can view my latest blog post at iPaddiction.blogspot.com



Saturday, February 20, 2016

S1 ShoulderPod iPhone Mount and a Car Wash

About three weeks ago, my #ADE2013 roommate, Matt Lee of Westside, showed me the S1 Shoulder Mount that he purchased.  Since, I have an iPhone that has a great camera, I knew that I could put the S1 to great use.

What I like:
  • Screw down clamp for securing iPhone
  • Wrist strap for protection from falling
  • Easy connection to a tripod
  • Counter balance hand grip
  • Compact & Light weight
  • Perfect for a backpack or mono-sling bag 
I recently used it to record traveling through a car wash.  With the iPhone in one hand, I was able to push the record button on and off with ease of one thumb.  Stability was great, and I never feared for my iPhone's life.

I'm looking forward to documenting in our educational settings using the S1 which can be purchased here

Thank you to @leematt06 for showing me the device.  It's awesome!
Now, enjoy the car wash video created with the S1, an iPhone, and iMovie on the iPhone.

Google Images + Google Drawing + Lucid Press = Publishing Options and Success

On Monday, we have one of the best days in our school year pertaining to professional development.  I am part of a group of teachers from our district that are willing to teach other teachers in our district trending innovative teaching strategies that include emerging technology tools.  All of our teachers get to choose three different tech sectionals throughout the day.  We also have lunch and "a sandbox" running opposite each other for emerging tech gadgets.

My first presentation for the day is an overview of the great iPad creation app, Explain Everything.  I have presented this before during the first semester Apple Core trainings, but all of the attendees are new to the details of this tool.

My second presentation is an "first time" presentation of Google Images, Google Draw, and Lucid Press.  Our district is on the verge of moving away from the Microsoft products for teachers.  Our students haven't had Microsoft for three years.  I really like the SlideCarnival template that I used. It is my intent to show new creation options for teachers to create "Microsoft Publisher" type products.  Some items that I focused on:
Google Images:
  • Size
  • Color
  • Type
  • Time
  • Usage Rights
Google Drawing:
  • Integrating With
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Slides
  • Layering
  • Tools
  • How To Connect To Google Drive
  • Creating
  • Templates
  • Tools
  • Publishing

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Apple Core - Experts At Your Fingertips With TED Talks & YouTube

In using TED Talks and YouTube some quick resources can help you.

  • Organizing Experts
  • Transcripts
  • Cutting Videos
  • Back Channeling

Insert Video Into Explain Everything Setting

We are inserting video into Explain Everything.  It's important to have one setting checked correctly.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fantasy Geopolitics Draft Day

It all started with a Tweet by someone (can't remember) that touted Fantasy Geopolitics, the online game that includes everything from geography to current event articles to education gaming!  I looked into it and proposed it to Mrs. Brylski our Human Geography teacher.  We created a "teacher league" as a test run and realized right away that Fantasy Geopolitics was a legitimate contender for including during one of our units in social studies.

Set up was easy!  We created the league and acquired the "invite link".  We placed that link on Canvas, our LMS.  Students clicked on the link and entered our "code" for the league which required the students to create an account.  We used our school email address.  We had NO problems working on the iPad as you will see, but some students did open the "Fantasy Geopolitics" site "in Safari".
View a condensed version of the 35 minute learning experience.

To keep students interested in the three week game we will:

  • Create discussion questions in Canvas 
  • Require students to trade one country
  • Reflect on one current event article from one or more countries that they own
  • Create a reflection on the process one to two weeks into the game

The energy and enthusiasm by the students was evident.  We look forward to continuing the "gaming" of geopolitics.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Imperialism Takeover - iPad Consumption

We are really trying to focus our learning opportunities with iPads to be "more than just projects".

Mrs. Brylski, Mrs. Krause, and Mr. Emmerich, our World History teachers, allowed seventy-five students using iPads or personal devices at the same time to effectively research the "best African country".

View how it's done.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Digital Learning Day Resources For Teachers To Use Within Canvas

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, all Juniors will be taking the Wisconsin state-wide ACT assessment at Pulaski High School.  All Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors will have a Digital Learning Day.  We've informed parents that students may stay home and complete "Tuesday Only" material via Canvas or come to school and use a "PLT" resource area to complete the day's learning opportunities set forth by the teachers.

While worksheets, lectures, and digital links can be connected quite easily to Canvas, the Discussion Tool and Edpuzzle will provide opportunities to truly engage students during this time.

Some tools that will contribute to the day's learning.
Canvas Discussions:
Ideas For Use:

  • Provide a link to a reading via URL or PDF and pose writing prompts and questions
    • Students will not see other student responses until they post their ideas
  • Require students to reply to a certain number of students
    • Grading the initial responses and replies to students is accomplished using SpeedGrader
  • Provide an image or video for watching and required response
  • Post a file of any type

Canvas Discussion Video Tutorial

Canvas Text Discussion Tutorial
Complete Discussion Guide For Educators
How Do I Create a Discussion?

Edpuzzle is also an amazing tool that can help with a video resource.

  • Monitor exact student watch time
  • Add questions and comments 
    • Questions will grade themselves
    • Comments can be text or audio
  • Prevent students from SKIPPING portions of the video
  • Create own content through a screencast
  • Upload a video from TEN different areas

Edpuzzle Video Tutorial

Edpuzzle Presentation Tutorial iPaddiction Blog Post

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