Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Piktochart For Infographic of a World Language

Through a Lunch N' Learn, Piktochart became the go to tool for creating an infographic on a world language.  Mrs. Brylski chose Piktochart because of the ease of use and its potential for creativity.

PHS Future Technology Support By Students

Some resource items to provide some direction for a potential learning opportunity for Pulaski High School students.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MentorMob Organizing Made Easy

What Is MentorMob?

Google Document Template Created In MentorMob

Google Hangout For Chemical Engineer To Enter Calculus II Classroom

Mr. Bentz, Calculus II instructor, suggested that he would like to SKYPE with a Chemical Engineer so that his students could envision what they could be doing in 5-10 years.  While SKYPEing might be a great way for people to communicate it does require yet another username and password.

I suggested that he use Google Hangout as it is part of Google and doesn't require another username and password.

Everything worked perfectly.

We even had a student who was visiting Arizona during the class period.  She joined the hangout which allowed her to not miss the learning experience.

Reactions at the end of the video by the student is certainly positive.

View the process and some of the conversation.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What Is and How Do I Create A Piktochart

Creating info graphics could be very easy with (This will be expiring.  Please travel to to continue using the great tools from Piktochart!)
The Infographic below was created in 30 minutes with NO prior experience! Dashboard Features

How Infographics Are Made in

Saving & Sharing a Piktochart!

Additional services to create infographics.

Romanticism vs Realism

In E11, Mrs. Noe wanted the students to experience learning about the difference between romanticism and realism.  The students had a choice to create anything with music, art, apps, and even Legos.

One of the great tools that students used was Pixntell iPad app.  Pixntell allows for students to complement a slide show of pictures with audio.

The two creations below were created with Pixntell.

Friday, March 22, 2013

What Is An Infographic?

Our High School Geography teacher is allowing students to create an Infographic to better understand the location, origin, and make up of a world languag Two resources that she is using to describe an Infograph are below.  The first is from which is going to be the tool of choice to create.  The second resource is an Infographic describing and Infograph

What is an Infographic?

World Geography Cultural Study Using Pic Collage and Skitch

In the past, Mrs. Brylski had students create advertisements for a beverage to be sold in a European country.  Students would use Microsoft Word or Publisher and the cut and paste method.  The final products would be placed into plastic sleeves in a binder.

Since we don't have Microsoft products, we needed a different method.  We decided that Pic Collage would be a great alternative because it provides layering, cropping of imported pictures, text, stickers, and multiple exporting options!  We did need to incorporate the Skitch app as we experienced a better paragraph writing experience.  We simply exported the Skitch creation to our camera roll.

Combine that with the Google Drive app to share the final products with the teacher and a real marketing person, the students are experiencing an authentic learning experience.

View the process!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Slideshow Via YouTube

Through @TonyVincent 's tweet
I learned how YouTube can provide a slideshow of photos option with copyright free music and animations!

After clicking the Upload button in YouTube, the screen below will display...

One negative thing of this process was that as soon as I chose a song, there was no previewing.  As I watched the final product, the song ran out two minutes prior to the slide show ending.  I may be able to edit it, but haven't found a method as of yet.

See the final product...

TI-NSpire Software Implemented in High School Calculus

Mr. Bentz is fortunate to have students who are taking Calculus 2 in high school.  Because of this, he was able to get seven TI-NSpire calculators.  Along with this, he has the software which can be implemented with the SMARTboard.

View how Mr. Bentz talks about how the SMARTboard allows for students to interact with the EXACT tool that students can use on the AP exam.  While I have the iPad version of the TI-NSpire, the app IS NOT allowed on the AP test.

Different Uses For Blogs By Different Teachers

Blogs or interactive writing can be used in so many ways.  Classroom blogs, weekly book talks, and student learning logs are all methods for having a digital content presence.

Mrs. Berling is making an initial step into blogging and using it for providing students 24/7 access to Learning Target Problems for math.

Hear her story:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

App Widget Builder

I recently learned about the App Widget Builder from 

It creates a custom widget to be placed in a blog or site complete with apps you want.

Here is the process:

Here is the product:

Thrilled to have found this.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Social Apps Students Are Using and Teachers Need To Know About

Some staff members in your school may contest that all social media should be blocked.  While this is one route, a more relative response to social media should be to educate.

Let me explain.

Students are handed keys to a $15,000, $20,000, or even a $30,000 vehicle when they are 15 years old and allowed to traverse the highways and biways of our country.  We don't ban them from this opportunity, in fact most parents are thrilled when their child earns their driver's license because it enables them to transport themselves to and from school and extra-curricular activities.  We teach them, question them, and teach them again about the dangers of driving and show/discuss/demonstrate proper strategies for navigating when using the vehicle.

Social media in our schools via tech tools is much the same way.  We can block all of these sites, but within days a student will find a work around.  Whether it is through a trick on the device or the use of a proxy.  Therefore, every member of a village who has the best interest of students in mind needs to be aware of the latest social media services that students are using.  Beyond that, teachers need to be up front with students about their knowledge of these tools and confront the negative that could be associated with these tools.  Having the knowledge of these tools directly ties in with our need to educate students on proper digital citizenship.  Schools should try as much as they can to harness social media for positive use.

With that being said, below is the list of social media services that students are using. (via multiple conversations with students)

Twitter - students are transferring to this service in droves
Facebook - declining because as one student stated, "It's too dramatic!"

Vine  Vine Uses  Vine Resume  Vine Open Vine Example Example 2
Vine In Education

Snapchat Not Permanent
Snapchat Lawsuit

Snapchat & Instagram

Kik  App

Instagram Example

 Instagram Nation: The Smartphone Photographer’s App of Choice

WhatsApp Google Purchasing?

How I Spy On My Kids Online

My Mobile Watch Dog

Cheating or Collaborating?  Do students know the difference?

Five Ways Students Use Technology To Cheat

Social Media Changes Face of Cheating

Social Media For Social Good

Teacher's Guide to Social Media

What is Snapchat? Why do parents fear it?

Parents' Guide To Snapchat & Instagram

FunSlides HD To Promote Lunch N' Learn

FunSlides HD (discovered via @rmbyrne) is a new way to create an Animoto type video.  I used it to promote our Lunch N' Learn topic of Social Media used by our students in our classroom.

Here's the promotion:

Here's the video tutorial:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cardiovascular Case Study

As a completion to a "I am a Doctor and developing a Case Study" to present at a Symposium, we used a Google form to gather all of the web links of online created pieces of information.

This was the follow up to these processes!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Superimposing Photos On iPad In Calculus 2

Our calculus teacher came to me with this:

I want students to bring in an object, take a picture of it. superimpose it on a grid and take measurements.  Then develop the equation to calculate the Volume of the object using calculus.  I need you for the image capture and superimposing,

and this link.

I have never been asked this.  Off to discover I went!

1.  Explain Everything-a go to app, but not for this-can't blur one photo on top of another
2.  Visualize - used before, but not for this-can't blur one photo on top of another

Another Need: find a piece of graph paper!  Initially I was using Visualize app and it needed a specific resolution of an image.  This lead me to the Graph Paper app.

Eventually, I found this...

Superimpose App

It didn't require a specific resolution of graph paper.  Therefore, I was able to simply save an image of graph paper from a Google image search.

After one hour, this is the final solution that I have come up with...

Take picture of an object with iPad camera, store in camera roll

Save image of graph paper from Google Search to iPad

Use Superimpose App for combining two images.

Export final product of two pictures to camera roll

If the students need to manipulate the two images further, the SKITCH app will be used for annotating.

See final products:

SoundCloud iPad App For Interpreting Folk Songs

Mrs. Brylski and her AP Human Geography students are discussing Folk and Popular Culture.  SoundCloud provided a great tool to showcase how music exemplifies the differences in the origins of folk and popular culture.  Folk songs tell a story or convey information about daily life.  Students were asked to describe what story their song tells.  Students needed to discover the origin of the song.  They needed to describe the diffusion of the song.  Finally, they needed to decide why it was considered folk and not popular music.

After researching lyrics, origin, and any other information pertaining to the song of their choice, they created a SoundCloud clip which allowed for the song to be heard.  More importantly, they discussed it and interpreted the song as they saw it.

The teacher created one classroom account that all students logged into on the iPad.  After the class completed the work, the teacher changed the password.

The final products were fantastic!

See the process in action:

Here are some individual productions:

In this one, a student SINGS the song.  Amazing how if we let students use their talents, they create amazing products!
Listen to the complete list of interpretations!

Other uses of SoundCloud at PHS.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

State Championship via SQWORL


NOTE: Some links will not work after 30 days due to newspapers terms of service

Made with Haiku Deck
Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Airplane Mode For Mobile Devices...In 20 Seconds

Airplane mode disables all cellular and wi-fi reception to the device. This could be used in a classroom that doesn't receive either cellular and/or wi-fi reception to save battery life.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Teachers Tell Their Story - Episode 1

Kim Noe tells her story about how she combines Twitter, Facebook, and websites to communicate with high school athletes.

Linking Versus Embedding What's The Difference?

Whenever a question gets asked more than once, it's time for a blog post and video tutorial.

View the video and see a link of an example:

State Championship and Technology Tied Together

Tomorrow's Lunch N' Learn will combine the awesomeness of a State Championship with the power of technology!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

YouTube Capture and iPhone Set Up


Doing Whatever It Takes.

Duct Tape.

CloudClip Clipboard For iPad

CloudClip is a fantastic tool to have a record of the last 15 copied items on your iPad.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Google Search and In Anatomy

I supplied four web creation tools & five iPad creation tools that students can use to create Problem-Based Learning outcomes.

Today, students worked on this.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mrs. Stainton Presented Golden Apple Award

Today was a great day as Mrs. Stainton was presented with one of the Fox11 Golden Apple Awards!  Mrs.  Stainton  strives to incorporate real learning situations in her classroom.  I really have enjoyed helping Mrs. Stainton incorporate technology tools where it is needed.

Enjoy the presentation!  Thank you, Mrs. Stainton for the job you do!

Creation Apps and Web For Anatomy Problem Based Learning

Today, we will embark on the beginning of a Problem-Based Learning activity in Anatomy.  We are providing four web based options for creation and five app tools that can be used.

Web Based Options

Google Presentations

Google Draw  See Video

Google Docs

Smore  See Example

iPad Apps For Creation

Haiku Deck



PicPlayPost    See Video


Lunch N' Learn Is Back

Text2Mindmap In Action For Mice and Men

Haiku Deck In Action

Last night, the culmination of six months of work took place for our AP Environmental Science students.  As has been noted in the past here, here, and here, Mrs. Stainton has done a tremendous job of creating a real learning experience with her students and showed the final products to parents, students, and staff.

After I introduced Haiku Deck in a Lunch N' Learn time, Mrs. Stainton felt that it was the best tech tool for vividly capturing the students' responses as it pertains to their project.

Check out the incredible presentation that was created by Mrs. Stainton.  LINK HERE

Friday, March 1, 2013

iPhone YouTube Capture App For Teacher Created Videos

We shouldn't need to use our own devices, but this teacher needs to.  She doesn't have an iPad, so an iPhone is the easiest way to record video and upload it to her YouTube Channel.

I also like it because it eliminates some steps such as downloading (from Flip Camera) and uploading (through computer).

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