Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flipboard: Three of My Favorite Magazines

I've been flipping and reading and reading and flipping magazines using Flipboard for a couple of years.  In the spring of 2015, I taught our teachers about Flipboard.  Three magazines have become front runners as resources for me and other educators.

Digital Workflow
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This magazine is everything I can find on the web (via Flipboard's curation) that helps students or teachers with efficient work flow with digital tools.

Apple Ecosystem for Educators
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This magazine focuses on anything, and I do mean anything, that will help our staff and students migrate from a PC way of doing things to a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV way of doing things.  We have a plan of being 1:1 with iPads in three years.

Flex Mod Schedule
View my Flipboard Magazine.
Our high school is truly innovating with a "Flex Mod" schedule in 2015-2016. Students will have more flexibility and responsibility to harness their educational time in high school.  This magazine contains all resources that can help with any aspect pertaining to the flex mod schedule.

Whether on the iPad, iPhone, or using a computer, Flipboard has become and incredible learning and teaching tool.

Apple Core

It's been announced that we will have an "Apple Core" training team in our school district for the first time staring this school year.  Twelve people working toward teaching other staff members in our district specific technology skills to enhance student learning.

Apple Core Technology Training Team

Engage, enhance and accelerate learning for all students with the iPad.

To accomplish our mission, your role would be to

  • Become experts in using iPads for student collaboration, creation, critical thinking, content consumption, digital citizenship
  • Assist staff in being effective users of iPads both personally and professionally as outlined above.  
  • Help build confidence of staff in using and integrating iPad apps and content with all curriculum through instructional coaching,  training, conversations and positive attitudes.  
  • Research and share best practices with technology integration and bring innovative ideas to the training team and all district staff
  • Assist in training staff, specifically those whose classroom would see an increase of devices each year

Being a member of an innovative group of people will continue to challenge and stretch me so that I can learn and instruct all at the same time.  As a member of the 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator class, I'm reminded of the saying on our shirts.

"To educate, I innovate."

I believe this group will be the essence of the same people that are ADEs.  How awesome will that be!

Some of our specific tasks include.

Apple Core Team Tasks
  • Train PCSD staff in iPad content and websites including but not limited to
    • District Apps
    • iTunes U
    • Integration with GAFE
    • Learning Management Program
  • Train staff on effective ways to integrate technology/personalize learning using the frameworks of SAMR model and 4 C’s.


  • Participate in planning around the implementation of the Pulaski Digital Learning Plan
  • Participate in the planning of professional development for professional staff

With this plan, our entire school district will move forward.  I look forward to the challenges that this responsibility provides.

Let's go!

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