Tuesday, October 7, 2014

iPad Creation Apps Updated 2014

On March 27, 2012, I decided to write a blog post on "Creation Apps Used on the iPad".  Since then, many of these apps have been utilized to help students "Show What They Know" through collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

The top apps from this list could be considered for the next opportunity for students to "Show What They Know from a concept, unit, or chapter.

Creation Apps

Explain Everything
Complete white board and screen recording with video, pictures, websites, diagrams, text, annotations, animations, and more.  It truly does facilitate so many options for allowing students to discover new concepts or become assessed on something that they have learned.
Stick Around
Students move stickers to the correct spot on a background.   Not only can the puzzles be used to show mastery of concepts, but the puzzles can used to develop and teach the concepts by students who are creating them.

Haiku Deck
A presentation tool that places stunning images combined with words to present information that students are learning or have learned.
Creating comics has always been a part of education.  Substitute paper and pencil with this app that can export the final product to many different locations

*Banner at the top of the post was created with CoolText.  (works on an iPad in a browser)

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