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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lunch N' Learn: Rethinking Slides Using Google Presentations

Today's part three of three Lunch N' Learns focuses on Google Presentations as a tool that can eliminate the noise and focus the signal on staff presentations.

Many teachers have used the Effective Google Presentation Tips for Students prior to having students create presentations.  Consider looking at these prior to making your next Google Presentation.
  • Five Words On A Slide
  • Tools > Research > All Google Features On Side Of Presentation
  • Insert YouTube Clip
  • Snipping Tool To Get Images
  • Text Box > Fonts
  • Arrows > Shapes > Lines
  • Single Most Important Piece of Advice --Stop The Bullet Point Madness
Effective Google Presentations Consider Showing To Students

Word Focus is critical!  Do NOT put what you say on the screen.  Eliminate ALL the words so that people will listen to your passion and energy instead of reading your words.

Inserting An Image Consider rethinking the way images are presented to your students.

Google Presentations With Speaker Notes By making a few simple clicks, you will never miss an important point, while your audience views a Focused Message!

Effective Examples
I am thankful for the many teachers who have shared their "this is my new presentation because of Lunch N' Learn" See how one teacher has changed her presentations.  She also commented, "students do listen more when they are not racing to write down all the words on my presentation slides."
3 of 3 Part Series
Part 2
Part 1

*Inspiration For Lessons - Resonate Nancy Duarte
*Resonate Is Now Available Free Online
*Presentation Design Tips - Better Public Speaking With Great Slides
*5 Non-Negotiables - For PD

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google Spreadsheets Aligning Rows and Words

Video Link

Lunch N' Learn: Rethinking Slides

Today's Lunch N' Learn focused on how to rethink SMARTboard slides and PowerPoint Slides.  Last week, we looked at how to rethink slides that are in front of students.  This week, two teachers have graciously provided one SMARTboard document and one PowerPoint presentation that we take a look.  Our goal is to rethink how the slides and presentation may appear.

Allows for Presenter View that looks like this:
What Your Audience Sees

What The Presenter Sees

Video Tutorial On How To Enable This

View Rethinking Of Slides

  • Write on Smartboard slide normally by extending the page
    • In summary, use the camera to take a picture of parts of the written text
    • These pictures will be placed on new slides
  • Write new steps on new slides
  • Extend the slide but provide a single line on the white canvas

2 of a 3 Part Series
Part 1
Part 3

Google Docs Math Equation Editor

Video Link

Another Great Video Resource

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Than One Teacher Website On A Website

Mr. Christiansen has many students in his "team study" class which all require the need to know what information is on multiple teacher websites.  To make this process easier he wanted a "screen" to have all of the teacher's daily info.  In keeping with the RedZone Channel's Quad Box , I created a single page Google Site and inserted the iFrame gadget.  The gadget simply requires one url for each gadget inserted.  I chose the two column page layout and placed two gadgets on top of each other.

The result is a one stop shop for his students and their teacher resources.


*If the link above is only showing a white page, look to the omni bar and click on the shield.  Allow the script to run.  See picture below.

Inserting Bookmarks In Lengthy Google Documents

Mr. Pratt has implemented Google Documents as his "Lesson Plan" document.  This allows for links to be inserted for instant access to resources.  It also allows for students to view his lesson plans during the day or if absent!

Because he has multiple lessons on one document, he needed a way to quickly access areas in the document without scrolling through the entire document.

Solution?  Insert Bookmarks...

Written Directions

Video Directions

Video Link

Google Presentations Screen Options...In 20 Seconds

Video Link
...In 20 Seconds Playlist

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Storyboarding For iMovie

Our AP Environmental Science students are about to embark on creating videos for two "areas of concern' (AOC) in our local area.  These videos will be made with an iPad and iMovie.

Before the videos can be created, some preparation work needs to be done.

Students need to know that storyboarding is truly what makes the video pop!  Thinking through the following items will help to ensure a final quality product.

  • Scene Setting: Where will the scene be filmed? If still images, what scenes will the still images portray.
  • Scene Characters: Who will be in the scene?
  • Scene Visual: Somewhat similar to scene setting, but with more emphasis on the actions that will take place during the scene.
  • Scene Text: Specifically, what will be said and who will say the exact words during the scene.

While we love using technology at the correct time in our district, the best tool for storyboarding is paper and pencil.  Therefore, the link below may be useful as a storyboard.  Students will only print out the number of scenes that they fill will take place during their production.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lunch N' Learn: Rethinking Presentations

With the dissolving of SlideRocket, it is a great time to rethink how classroom content presentations are created.  More importantly, how do a teacher's presentations move the audience (students) to truly provide that "WAIT! WHAT?" (Meyer, 2013) thought!

Notes are included with this presentation.  To enable them, click on the gears and open in speaker notes.

1 of a 3 Part Series
Part 2
Part 3

PHS iPad Apps By Department

I was finally able to create lists of apps that exist on our department iPads at the high school level.  I was able to save these lists as pdfs via the iTunes store app on our MacBooks.  I liked how I could include the name of the iPad app and a picture of the app.

It is truly interesting to see how the types of apps are different between departments and how some are the same.

Weather Forecast Using The French Language

Mrs. Nickels, our high school French teacher, was looking for her students to take the knowledge of the geography of France along with the vocabulary that they have learned for expressing weather and blend them together.

She chose the real task of providing a weather forecast as the concept combined with the digital tool of the student's choice.

 ITLS: Standard Strand 1

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summarizing Informational Text With Explain Everything

Mrs. Denk describes the process students followed while summarizing informational text with the Explain Everything App.

Video Link

Effective Researching

Effective researching skills makes anyone more efficient and productive.  While presenting the information below, the students completed the Effective Research Resources.  The research resource provides a follow along experience with resources, tips, and trick.  The best part of the Effective Research Resource is the two reflection questions found at the bottom.  I am also considering students acquiring peer initials and teacher initials after their reflection as an accountability piece.  A bonus would be a conversation sparked by staff or students based on the reflection answers.

Effective Researching
Effective Research Resource

Impact On Students:
Critical Thinking:  Students will be allotted time for personal reflection after the presentation.  Two questions will be asked: "As far as researching on the web, what did you learn today?" and "What impact does this have on me and my life?"
Citizenship:  Plagiarism is defined as "passing off another person's ideas or words as your own with credit".

Friday, October 4, 2013

United Streaming and Opposing Views

Informational Text for the Common Core State Standards can be printed text but doesn't always need to be.  Opposing Viewpoints is a great resource for printed text in various forms, while Discovery Education is a great resource for visual informational resources.  See what both of them bring to your classroom.
  • Both resources work great on laptops, Chromebooks and iPads through the Chrome browser.  This would work especially if the teacher is projecting a video they have on their account.  A challenge does occur when a teacher would like students to watch the video with a log in.
  • Paid version of Discovery Education app is available on the iPad
  • All resources look great on a projected screen

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art Teacher Present In Content Area Via Video

I really appreciate Mrs. Hoffmann using the power of technology to meet the needs of teachers and students to understand new concepts.

From Sara Hoffmann, Middle School Art Teacher

It seems to be a common theme among teachers that they want their kids to know how to draw PEOPLE either correctly or cartoonish.  So I did a step by step for figure drawing video...the quality is a bit better and I'm getting better at editing too.

We teach figure drawing as a 7th grade project in art, but now art is an elective in 7th not everyone gets to learn how, so this is great that they can learn quickly through my video.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Social Media For Promoting Homecoming 2013

Mr. Seamandl, Pulaski News teacher, teaches a Composition For Publication course for beginning Pulaski News students.  Twitter has become a great vehicle for dispersing information about our week long homecoming events with a real life audience.  View how this social media tool that all the students know about has become a great educational resource.

Video Link

ITLS Standard Skill 2B

Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store  provides a great resource for teachers desiring to integrate applications to enable students to efficiently learn and create.
As more and more teachers and students use these tools, the Chrome Web Store may seem somewhat overwhelming.  To facilitate the implementation, the spreadsheet below, breaks down Chrome Web Store applications by subject matter.  Simply click on the name of the application and you will be directed to the Chrome Web Store.

View In New Tab

Need to access the Chrome Web Store?  View How

Successful Classroom Practice via Kathy Schrock
30 Ways To Use Chromebooks In School
Chromebook Classroom Webinar
Chromebook Classroom

As of today, our IT sent the email below.
On October 8th, the login screen for the student Chromebooks at PCMS & PHS will be changing.  

Instead of the "Add User" & Profile pictures on the screen, it will be changed to a "email address & password" box.  You can see the attachment for what this box looks like.

* There may be some Chromebooks in the morning on October 8th that will still have the old login screen when first turned on, but they will update to the new login screen later that morning.

I will send a reminder about this along with an email to PHS & PCMS staff next Monday morning.

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