Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Google Photos - Unlimited Backup

As a person who has always taken a great deal of pictures at sporting events and educational settings, storage and organization of these photos (and videos, but we are not going to talk about videos today!) has always been an issue.  Sure, school Google Drive accounts have unlimited storage, but many of the photos that are taken pertain to family and friends.  Of which, you may not want in your school account.

A relatively new Google Photos option of unlimited storage (if correct image quality settings are established) is an amazing option for storing or backing up photos from mobile devices and computers.

People obviously use an assortment of photo sharing/photo storage options, join us for Lunch N' Learn or browse the presentation to see if Google Slides meets your photo storing/sharing needs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Snapchat Continues To Be Integrated To Document

About a month ago, Snapchat was introduced to our staff in a Lunch N' Learn.  I have continued to use it in many ways.  It was a great "quick tool" for annotating a process!  While an iPad can be used, I utilized an iPhone.

Today, our Newscast From The Past is being recorded in front of a Green Screen.

Another example is utilizing video.  The video has black bars on the sides because I used a an iPhone to video.  I used Snapchat because of the quick annotation.

Google Takeout: Taking Your Stuff With You (Especially Seniors)

Only want to copy a single folder? Learn how!

NEED the Safeshare version? Get it!

The email that was sent to seniors is below:

Seniors, as YOU ARE preparing yourself for your adventures past PHS, we would like to remind you that your Pulaski Google Account will be Deactived on July 1, 2016.  Please follow the below steps to share any necessary documents or copy things to your own personal account.  Please see someone in the HUB if you have any questions or concerns! 

Deactivate Date for PHS Senior Google Accounts:  July 2016

  1. Give “Owner” rights or “Share” any Google Documents to those that need that document next year (ex. Docs for a school club or organization)
    1. We are recommending that you share documents with your club advisers.  The instructor or student that you share the document with will need to "make a copy". This will allow the new OWNER to have full access. Please talk to your club advisers or come to the PHS HUB with further questions.
  2. Use “Google Takeout” to download all of the Google data that you need
    1. Some of the Google Data you can export/download
      1. Google Mail
      2. Google Contacts
      3. Google Drive Documents
      4. Google Calendar
      6. More!
  3. Create a “Vacation Responder” to inform others that your email account will be deactivated on July 1, 2016 and to contact you at your new email address
    1. This is especially helpful if you are working with colleges.  
  4. Save Google Contacts that you want to save - if you didn’t use Google Takeout
  5. Save Google Emails that you want to save or forward those emails to your personal Google account - if you didn’t use Google Takeout

Stop in the PHS HUB for assistance

Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Goody Traithlon

As readers of iPaddiction know, the Goody Triathlon is ONE OF THE BEST things I do during a school year!  I am blessed to use my technology talents to create and update the website.  It's amazing that four years ago we completed everything through email and snail mail.  Now, every piece of communication is through the website, Google Forms, and images/video!

I'm also able to help capture the day's accomplishments through images.  In the past, images and video of race participants and mentors were taken on an iPad, dropped to iMovie (on the iPad), and uploaded to YouTube.  All of this needs to be done between 9:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M.  Last year, rendering the video and uploading the video was almost not accomplished.  I also wanted to have more up close and personal "smile" pictures.  I changed tactics and tools slightly.  I used a Nikon D5300 camera on loan from our Art Teacher, Mr. Sperduto.  This had a 200 zoom lens on it which allowed me to get close enough to see smiles of accomplishment.

I removed the SD card from the camera and dropped the images into iMovie on the Mac.  I had all of the title pages, bumpers, transitions, and music set so that only the images needed to be "dropped in".  I also didn't render the movie and upload it to YouTube.  I simply "played the movie" in iMovie.  This saved me a GREAT deal of time!  As you can see, over 300 people were able to view smiles and accomplishments from the day BEFORE leaving!

The Goody Triathlon is an amazing accomplishment for the participants who overcome so much to complete a triathlon!  Thanks to the technology, I was able to capture the accomplishments!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Images and Captions Using Google Drawing in Google Docs on iPad or Computer

Our students have conducted interviews with people in their families.  To enhance the papers that have been written, students will insert images with captions utilizing Google Drawing.

On Computer Tutorial

Important Items:

  • Insert Google Drawing within Google Doc
  • Add Image (from Google Drive)
  • Add Text 
  • Adjust Text with Font, Size, Color
  • Save & Close
  • Wrap Text
  • Adjust Picture in Document

On iPad Tutorial

Important Items:

  • Google Docs App
  • White Pencil In Blue Circle (edit documet)
  • Plus Sign
  • Image From Photos (or camera) (Download from Google Drive to Camera Roll)
  • Place Cursor Below Image, Center, Add Text For Caption
  • BONUS: Using Explain Everything or PicCollage
  • Place text on top of image 
  • Save Image to Camera Roll
  • Insert Image via Plus Sign that has Text on Top Of it

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Newscast From The Past Using Green Screen by Do Ink In World History

Last year, we conducted the same learning opportunity, but some things were note perfect.
  • Students didn't stand in the correct place for adequate backgrounds
  • Students were expected to record and create all within the same small amount of time.
  • Students were sharing 30 iPads.
This year, we are organizing it differently.
  • Due to the flex mod schedule, I was able to teach the following information three times to all of our sophomore class students (about 350) in one day.
  • Students viewed the Green Screen during the entire large group mod to "make it real."
  • Students will sign up for a specific recording time.
  • Students will only use one iPad (we've purchased more iPads).
  • Students will have one one full week to create the video using the Green Screen app by Do Ink.

After producing the videos either completely in the DoInk app or in iMovie, a few of the final products were saved and can be viewed.

To practice and to show students an example, I created  a video for the iPadU Conference which I will  be speaking at in July.

View some recording images and videos
View Student Final Products
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