Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visualize App For Book or Movie Poster

The Visualize app provides great options for layers.  The free version allows for 10 layers of pictures, texts, or clip art.

Explain Everything Student Productions

Concluding our Common Craft project required production.  One person was the speaker, one person was the mover of objects, and one person was the start stop of the recording.

Worked perfectly!

See how it is done.

Google Drive Storage Is It Full In 20 Seconds

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Voice For Political Cartoon Interpretation

Because of another teacher, a colleaugue set up her Google Voice.  It will be used for students to call in their interpretation of a political cartoon that she has emailed to them.  Her customized greeting pertains directly to directions for the assignment.  This will be the first thing the students hear from the teacher.

Create a new Google Voice Greeting For Each Assignment

Checking to see how it works!

Common Craft Day 2 Sharing iPad Photos

We needed all students to contribute to the Common Craft video by making paper props.  We shared these with the person who is actually making the Common Craft type video with the Explain Everything app via our Google Drive app.


Ace Multiplier and Equivalent Fractions

Ace Multiplier and Equivalent Fractions were recently used in a seventh grade math class.  See how the apps work by listening to the students describe the apps functions.

Draw and Show Lite For Common Craft Props

As we started our Common Craft videos pertaining to Imperialism, students discovered the features of Draw and Show Lite.  An additional feature of this video provides the reason for creating video tutorials for students.  This allows for students to learn at their own pace.  It is located on the teacher's blog.

See our students in action.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google Hangout and Todaysmeet For Video Feedback

Technology in the form a Google Hangout and Todaysmeet made today's activity more efficient and productive in Mrs. Stainton's AP Environmental Science class.

See how this technology served as a great vehicle for learning.

TrapIt For Research Integrated With Evernote

One of the great reasons for using Evernote with students came to light TODAY!  Our students were not able to use a computer lab.  Only the iPads were available.  With ease, the Evernote app was utilized on the iPad.

We also introduced students to TrapIt! which is an extremely efficient search engine.  Type what you want to search and instantly TrapIt! aggregates all information pertaining to a topic.

The integration with Evernote comes with one tap of a link.

See how it worked!

View all the How To...In Evernote Videos

Awesome New Tab...In 20 Seconds

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evernote With Students

After a Lunch N' Learn about the Whys of Evernote, Miss Tubbs decided that Evernote would be the best tool for collecting and organizing resources for a problem solution paper.

It was important to have students acquire the correct tools in the correct order.
See the Evernote of the order of introduction for students.

View the process & reaction from students.

How To...In Evernote

Playlist Not Loading Fast Enough? Go To Playlist
Manage Your Account

Create A New Notebook

Create A New Note

Organize Through Tags

Word Process In Evernote

Share A Note (Remember Public)

Print A Note

Investigate The Evernote Trunk

Evernote on iPad

Haven't got your fill of Evernote?  Get an eBook!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Aid To Third World Country Using iMovie

iMovie continues to be a quick and creative tool for our staff and students.  As part of a unit, students created compassionate videos pleading the teacher to grant them the fictitious money to help the people of a certain country.

As one student put it when asked how they like iMovie, "It's really easy to use."

Fantastic as it really isn't about the tech tool, it is about the content.

Friday, December 7, 2012

If You're Absent From Your Classroom, Consider...

Being a teacher has many unique aspects none greater than providing directions for a substitute teacher.  Whether it is an all day sub or for just one hour, providing a short video to make it as if a teacher is present in the classroom, continues learning despite the circumstances.

There are two ways that video can be utilized.
Yesterday, Mrs. Stainton traveled on a field trip with some students from one of her classes on a field trip.  However, some of her students from a different class were still in the classroom.  Her efforts allowed the continuation of learning through an explanation of the lab that the students were about to experience.  The video was uploaded to YouTube, because YouTube provides a platform that can be played across multiple devices.

She used the SMART video recorder.

After it was uploaded, the YouTube link was shared with the in-house substitute teachers through email.  The substitute teacher appreciated the ease of use, because they played the video to the students.  After watching, the students proceeded to complete the lab experiment.

While this does require some additional prep on behalf of the teacher, it truly provides seamless learning atmospheres within the classroom despite the lack of physical presence by the classroom teacher.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project Based Learning In Anatomy Using iMovie

View the details of the project and how the students are working.  After the videos are complete, the students will be using the videos they created to assess a real person's injuries!

Screen Recording Using Screencast o matic

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Common Craft Type Videos Entirely On The iPad

Mr. Krause, Mrs. McCumber, and Ms. Wilcox informed me today that he would like to complete Common Craft type videos on the iPad because, as he states it, "I like the explanation aspect".

I immediately thought, "This could be a great opportunity to create the entire video on the iPad."

I chose a drawing app, specifically Draw-n-Share Lite because of its paper feel, and it was free!

I also chose Explain Everything because it is the tool that best provides a canvas.  I thought of Lee and his "four 750 watt  bulbs" that he uses for shooting video.  We don't have that!  Explain Everything removes the additional equipment that is needed while still providing a great production canvas. View the process!

I also liked Explain Everything, because I could write a script for each slide, thus stating clearly what was to be spoken on each slide.  I used Evernote, but any tool, including paper and pencil, could be utilized.
With ONLY one hour into the project, I was able to make the following Producing Muscles In Plain English.

In one week, I look forward to viewing what the students create.

iMovie Trailer Student Reaction

As we are in final stages of using iMovie Trailer for absolute rulers, I asked a few students what they liked about the tech tool.

Can you guess which comment validated using the app?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evernote Why?

Why would I ever want to use Evernote?  
I have used Evernote Since June of 2012.  It now is the only tool that I use to do all of the items listed below.
  • Multi Device Tool 
    • Web Clipper Extension (Save Everything)
    • Phone
    • iPad
  • Pictures (can't instantly place on Google Drive)
  • Simultaneous Search
    • With the Evernote Web Clipper, searching for Google is like searching for resources that you know you have AND wanted in the past!  See what I mean!
  • Create Lists
  • Shopping Store To Store
  • Writing
  • Sharing Information 
    • Students
    • Parents
  • Other applications allow "pushing" to Evernote
  • Recipes and Cooking
Create Account On Computer

Create Account on iPad or Phone

Doxie U Scanner For Teachers $119
Compare Doxies

Still Not Convinced? See this

Explain Everything For Connections In Algebra I Lab

Combined with our paper and pencil graphing results from a "bouncy ball lab", Explain Everything became the best tool for comparing and contrasting the connections between two events.  As educators we really saw how the students were forced to explain the graphs and the results from it.  There was no "hiding in their notebook", and students really enjoyed creating their results.

See how the students explained the experiment.

Today, students will record voices on each slide and upload/share it to their Google Drive.  They will also share it with their instructor.

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