Tuesday, July 31, 2012

YouTube Is Not Just For Stupid Stuff

I believe that I have utilized the power of YouTube to positively enhance lessons and brand my classroom in a positive way.

I would like other teachers to know about the great uses of YouTube and created a very in depth presentation on uses of YouTube, setting up a YouTube channel, and downloading/reusing videos on YouTube.

iPad (Mobile Devices) It Ain't All About The Device

SITA 2012 will be the place for me to present on this topic.  Below is my slide deck that illustrates everything.  I have kept each slide simple...too many words on a slide can be annoying.

Looking forward to the dialogue that will take place when people join me for this great topic!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Teaching Learning Team Establishes Web Presence

Four people will comprise a Teaching Learning Team that will establish relationships with departments to  facilitate their procedure for teaching.  If teachers have an idea, we want to facilitate getting them as many resources as needed to meet their learning targets.

As we formulate these relationships, a web resource area needs to be the "go to" place for teachers to request help from us or acquire resources on their own.  It will continue to grow as our team transforms learning for educators.

My specific section so far will be the CCSS page in which I have created areas for grades 6-12 educators to obtain supplemental problems that will help our students make the transition.  At this time, math and ELA are the sections for supplement problems. In addition, I created a Mobile Resource and Web Resource page.  I think a nice touch was the inclusion of a CCSS news resource that will aggregate its stories from Google news.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Math Teachers Making Word Documents Available on Web

While the iPaddiction blog has mostly been about the use of iPads (and will continue to be as we purchase more for the district), it will also be enhanced to include ANY form of technology used in the classroom by teachers in our great district.

Today, after a CCSS math department meeting, a teacher wanted to know how to make Word document files into PDF files and ultimately uploaded to Google Drive.  This will allow for the document to be placed on a blog.  The main reason for this is that most math teachers have used Microsoft Equation Editor which doesn't play nicely when uploaded to Google Drive.

So here are the steps to convert a Microsoft Word Document to pdf.

  • Choose this option, and save it to your desired folder or location.
  • Upload the PDF to Google Drive

A somewhat lengthy process, but one that allows for a Word document filled with Equation Editor math problems to be shared with students on a blog or website.

By the way, the entire time I was teaching the teacher how to do this I remembered my philosophy.  Having a slogan, theme, and/or philosophy makes the job of teaching so much easier!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Commitment To Teachers

Last evening I attended a training session for volunteers who will be working for a company throughout the football season.  The company is a worldwide leader in providing services for people who attend sporting events and national parks.

While I was there to learn the ins and outs of my volunteer position, as soon as they stated their philosophy for us to follow, a blog post developed in my head.

As a service to our teachers in my district, I will be a Technology Integration Specialist.  I will be introducing, co-teaching, and supporting teachers using technology to enhance how the content is taught by teachers and learned by students.

With that being said, my entire focus during my time as a tech integration specialist will be...

Following through with this will allow each teacher, who receives support from me, to know that I will provide as much information about the tech tool that I can find.  Teachers provide content, I provide supporting tech tools that can enhance the learning experience.  No matter what the level of comfort using technology the teacher may be at, I will spend as much time with the teacher as needed.  I want the teachers to know that I care about their technology integration experience and want it to be the best it can be.  If it is, more experiences are likely follow.

So with that, I will do everything I can to help teachers with meaningful learning experiences which provides them with the eagerness to continue to learn and use a technology tool to enhance their content.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Approach To Integrating Technology

Watch Before Reading.

Some view this as funny (I did), but I immediately thought,

"This represents different perspectives of teachers and integrating technology into the classroom."

The father represents teachers who may not feel comfortable integrating technology tools into their classroom.  They know it may be the right thing to do (Dad knew it was the right thing to accompany his daughter on this ride), but their not at all comfortable.  Honestly, I wasn't that comfortable in 2008 when I started, but attended the TIES conference in Minneapolis and realized 3,000 other educators moved me to start and thrive using these tools.

The daughter represents the teachers who know that technology can be the tool that thrills the learner to become self-motivated, creative, and collaborative.  They smile from ear to ear when a new tech tool is introduced to them, they find a useful and appropriate way to integrate it into their content, and successfully do so with students.

Ironically, the dad got a taste of the thrill of the ride.  He had a choice of getting off for the second ride and chose not to.  Awesome!  It is the responsibility of all educators, not just library media specialists or technology integration specialists to introduce the first initial ride.  The ride of the tech tool that enhances a lesson because the process was well planned out and all things went smoothly.

The teachers who are like the little girl who loved the ride or loved incorporating technology can be the biggest motivator for continuing the process.  Get those teachers to share via blogging, Twitter, or YouTube the wonderful successes that can happen.

If these two types of people can work together, then everyone becomes like the ride.  Constantly, enabling teachers on both ends of the spectrum to feel safe and secure while experiencing the thrill of integrating technology into any lesson.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Technology Integration Specialists Unite On Twitter

Let's unite our thoughts, ideas, and inspirations so that we can become of better service to the teachers in our districts!

Please complete the form below or VIEW THE RESULTS

ZITE to Evernote

As a Technology Integration Specialist, part of my job is to provide resources for teachers.  To help me manage these resources, the ZITE app provides numerous daily resources.  In the past, I would email my self, then go to my email, click on the link, and place it into my Google Bookmarks.  A three-four step process.  Since becoming addicted to Evernote for categorizing all notes, I have found that the ZITE app provides a "Share Article" option that allows direct access to Evernote.

Eliminating a step.  Providing more time to find more resources!

Produced with Explain Everything App

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Technology Integration Help Form

Being a Technology Integration Specialist, will require me to manage many different projects at one time.  Teachers will have ideas and concepts of integrating technology, and it will be my job to provide resources and teaching of how to implement that tech tool.

To do this, I will use a "Technology Integration Help Form" in two ways.  
  1. As I am walking through the halls of our schools or at a specific meeting, I will complete this form so that I can recall the specifics of the idea that the teacher has.  I will do this with my iPad.
  2. I will provide this form for teachers through emails and on my professional blog and website for them to access at any time.  
When an idea hits, I want the teachers to have a "go to" place to record the idea.  

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