Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coach My Video & Physical Education

This might be the BIGGEST SUCCESS story of my two year involvement with iPad use.  Our physical education teacher met with me for a total of about two hours.  During those meetings, we discussed video taping students in physical education class to demonstrate proper fundamentals.  In the past, the teacher would review the videos and try to verbally apply that to the next class period.

With the use of CoachMyVideo and the iPad, today he showed the students directly on the iPad the movement of the students, added lines, and talked about correct fundamentals for jump roping.

The success comes in that for three years the student progressed minimally.  After ten minutes of the student being video taped and correcting the jump rope movement, the student HAS successfully mastered jump roping.

The iPad, the video, the instructor, & CoachMyVideo led to immediate gains of success!

Please wait until :55 seconds to hear the teacher tell the great story!

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