Why The iPad?

Four Main Reason For Choosing The iPad:
1.  Differentiation - the opportunity to provide the exact skill level of instruction through apps is fantastic.  So many apps give different skill levels for a students ability and allows ability growth based on completion of tasks.  In addition, there are so many different apps that allow for the completion of the same tasks.  For example, I have six different note taking apps that meet different needs.  These apps could be provided to the students and they could use the app that best suites their needs.  The opportunity to choose from so many developed apps is really what provides differentiation for students 

2.  Engagement - Placing a 1:1 digital device in a student's hands puts the world at their finger tips!

3.  Hardware - there is NOT another device on the market that allows for efficient use of a 44 minute classroom as much as the iPod/iPad does.  In the past, we would need to work around so many technical issues in order to accomplish a task.  The iPad/iPod rarely has any technical issues.

4.  Content Creation - Students are able to create drawings, text, and audio items to display their learning and collaboration. The iPad is NOT just a consumption device.

5.  Durability - On a lighter side,  an iPad that was run over still worked.  MORE INFO

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