iPad Articles

Oshkosh, Neenah, Fond du Lac Schools moving toward iPads

Tablets and Other Mobile Devices Teach and Entertain

School Board Approves iPad purchases for Teachers

More Proof iPads and Momentum

Top 10 Things Not To Do In 1:1

How iPad Is Changing Education

Garden City, Kansas school district buying iPads

Reliable Study of iPad Use in School?

Las Vegas Charter School iPads Power Project-Based Learning

South Bay Schools on an iPad Mission

iPad Band in a High School

iPad Near Water & Emailing Parents Video On Work Completed

A Startling Real-World Account of iPad Integration

iPad Improves Kindergarten Literacy Scores

iPad: Same old thing or Genius Tool

iPad: Solid Educational Tool

What I've Learned From Teaching With iPads

iPads Changing The Game For Learning At Longview

Hillsborough Algebra iPad Program

Rethinking Testing In The Age of The iPad

iPad Improves Learning: Study Results

iPads May Replace Textbooks

iPads in Classrooms

Proof In Study - math app improves test scores

Abileen University - moving to studying if the iPad2 helps students to learn

School in Ohio gives all students iPad2 

Iowa Schools Using iPads

Hopkins School District - using iPads

iPads aid teacher, student learning

Little Falls, MN issuing take-home iPads

Things You Should Know About iPad Apps

School Implementing iPads:  How to logistically put iPads into action!

Three Great Study Apps For Students

NFL teams using iPad for play books

iPads: Near Miracles With Kids With Autism - Side Note-It has engaged the autistic student in my class 

Opportunities To Learn:  Incredible, Inexpensive Learning Tools

Volume Pricing Program:  Even with this, apps are the most cost efficient means for obtaining "software" 

In Class:  iPad Agenda

Essay Grader:  iPad app with rubric for grading essays

iPads For Learning - Australia

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