Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Apple Core - Resonate: Ignite Passion Through Better Presentations

I have studied Nancy Duarte's work and read a number of her books.
I love what she talks about.  As an educator, I have been on a quest to inform and challenge teachers to create better presentations since 2013.

I was blessed with the opportunity to teach sixteen teachers from our district on elements of better presentations.
  • The Reason For Better Presentations (Slide 7)
  • The Glance Test (Slide 11)
  • The Delivery (Slide 36)
  • The Goal (Slide 54)

Within the presentation, teachers were asked to perform a "Glance Test" and "Delivery" evaluation of past presentations.  The top of the document has been reduced from an original by Nancy Duarte to one that teachers can use.  I also added a checklist for evaluating the delivery portion of a speech.

I also incorporated Flipgrid to gain feedback from teachers after the session.  Teachers were asked to choose either the "Glance Test" or the "Delivery" to reflect on and then the "Goal".  The goal of creating three presentation throughout the year that incorporate the "Best Of" everything that we talked about is the expectation. 

We will be meeting again in one month to see an "old presentation" and how the "new presentation incorporates many of the ideas discussed during Resonate: Ignite Passion Through Better Presentations. 

*Slide 61 provides resources

English 9 Students Blogging About Literature Circle Books

Blogging is going to be our "go to" tool for students to express a number of aspects of the book they are reading from literature circles.  While blogging can be done on an iPad through Safari, images are a challenge to insert.  We will be using computers or Chromebooks located in various learning areas for our students to incorporate images.

We explained the "set up" process for students in Large Group Instruction.

Ms. Alger-Feser, Ms. Kennen, and Ms. Kohls did a great job of creating blog post entries.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Changing The Narrative - Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Spending the entire day teaching the "tips" about GarageBand to over 250 juniors was a tremendous honor.  The U.S. History team of Mrs. Schartner, Mr. Krause, and Mr. Rodal want students to develop a 3-5 minute radio show.  As they progress into the era of the 1920's, students will see that radio was the "window to the world" for almost every American household.

As I worked my way through the presentation below, students were given three opportunities to "play" instruments, record voice, and record multiple tracks of instruments.

The content of the U.S. History curriculum is so important.  My teaching role allows students to experience additional learning opportunities while experiencing the information.

My main focus was NOT ANOTHER project, but an opportunity to develop the skills that will help them during their time in high school and after they leave.  I addressed their "attitude" as one more thing to do by changing the narrative.  It's not another project.  They heard me say that this is a tremendous opportunity to get better at skills that employers continue to seek from our students.

Critical Thinking.

As always, the impact of the message is undetermined at the beginning.  I'm not a motivational speaker.  I do know that my message is helping students to view learning opportunities in our school differently.  In my time of co-teaching technology tools, GarageBand engaged students to the end of the learning time and beyond better than most tools.

All of this became even more validated for me because of the podcast I listened to this morning.  Education with an Edge, Mike Smith of The Bay  Visit It

Monday, January 8, 2018

"Five Minute Finds" and Nearpod Leverage Tools for More Than Projects

Integrating technology tools for "projects only" is not an effective way to help students become great consumers of content, critically thinkers of that content, collaborators, and creators.  Utilizing a "five minute find" in a lesson and incorporating activity cards (with Nearpod) can help utilize the power of technology tools during learning experiences.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Inserting an Apple Logo  Led Me to "STOP" Using the Word "Projects"

I was curious as to how to place an  Apple symbol into a blog or text message.  I found an article from April 2017 on how this works.  However, the January 2018 version is slightly different.

This leads me to the practice of allowing students to "consume content" while teaching.  A perfect example of this happened this week. A teacher had a famous person in history projected in front of the class.  The instructor asked students, "What do you know about this person?" The high school students didn't say a word.

Not. One. Word.

The instructor discouragingly proceeded on by giving the students everything the teacher knew about the famous person.  After observing this, I mentioned to the teacher that at the moment they asked what the students know, the teacher could have provided students with three to five to however long the "investigating" minutes takes for students to consume content that could be a website, a video, an image, a pdf, etc.  Allowing students to "critically think" about the content that they are "consuming" and then sharing that content is a great skill for our students to develop and master.

The teacher tried the strategy the next day and emailed me a tremendous "thank you" as the discussion was so much more valuable and productive.

STOP using digital devices and tools "just for projects".  Utilizing the tools for consuming content, critically thinking about that content, collaborating with others, and creating/sharing solutions can all be incorporated into a single learning experience.  Furthermore, STOP calling all of these "learning experiences" "projects".   Avoid saying, "We are going to do an iMovie project."  We don't say that this weekend I'm going to do a "hammer project".  We say, "I'm going to build a deck and these are the tools I'll need: hammer, saw, nails, etc."  These "projects" are simply opportunities that allow students to build skills through learning experiences that help them move closer to contributing to their college, career, or community while in school and after graduating.

This leads me back to this morning.  I wanted to learn how to insert an  Apple symbol into a blog or text message.  I was able to consume the content, but needed to critically think about that the information I found "shortcuts" from the article

was slightly different than what I was seeing as "text replacement".

Once I did that I was successfully able to insert an Apple symbol on my iPad.

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