Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quizdini - Quiz/Review Tool With Explanation Feature

Quizdini provides a unique feature in that a teacher can create an explanation of the concept tested/reviewed in the the question.  A paragraph or link can be inserted.

Quizdini can be great for...
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activity (buttons are large, readable)
  • Whole Class
  • Groups


Quiz Example
Vocabulary Example - Used in Human Geography Class

Movenote Add Video To A Google Drive Creation

Movenote is a quick way to add video/audio to a Google Drive document, including Docs, Presentations, & Spreadsheets.  The Movenote can be an iPad app as well.  Sharing options exist!

Simply find the Movenote app in the Chrome Store, connect to your Google Account, and start adding valuable content to your documents.  Need a teacher example?

More Movenote Information
Send Movenote Via Gmail Feature


iOS App Example Once published, viewers can reply via text or video.  Great for class discussion!

Computer How To Video

Lunch N' Learn Topic Vote Announced

 I used a picture of our Google Form results and the Postale app to alert staff about the topic for today.

The app was quite easy to use and allows for a number of customized settings.

Monday, April 29, 2013

iMovie Trailers For Renewable Energy Resources In Applications of Physical Science

Students in Mrs. Wojcik's, Applications of Physical Science class, have developed companies that provide "Renewable Energy Resources".  To promote these companies to a fictional character, students created iMovie Trailers.

Students Using iMovie For The Process

Process: iPad video to Google Drive to share with teacher

Student/Teacher Reaction To iMovie Trailer Product

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Redeeming Code Of Purchased App On iPad

Many of our staff members want to buy one app.  After purchasing it correctly, teachers need to redeem the code on their iPad.  To find the "Redeem" area on the iPad, touch on the App Store icon, touch the "Featured" tab on the bottom, and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You should see the image below...

You should be asked for your password.  After you enter it, your app will begin to download.

VINE To Promote High School Co-Curricular Activities

VINE is a fantastic tool to make quick and short promotion videos.  I have walked past our shadow boxes promoting our school's activities and realized, "Let's make a VINE of that!"

United States History Movement Creations

At the beginning of the week, our United States History students began a week long learning opportunity.
  • Learn about three specific movements in our United States History
  • Create a digital document that would explain it using Smore, Thinglink, or MentorMob
  • Evaluate peer creations
  • Develop a Credo to explain a movement or belief that students were motivated to support
Some fantastic creations were turned in using a Google Form

Mentor Mob Example

I am thankful that Miss Wilcox and Mrs. McCumber chose to empower students to be creative, engaged students in the assessment process, and educated them on United States History movements.

*Mr. Krause would have completed the learning experience using the same methods, but with limited computer accessibility was unable to complete the project as stated above.  He did complete the learning experience, but using another approach.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Voice Comments In Google Docs and Presentations

Through @rmbyrne I learned about a great video tutorial of Voice Comments in Google Documents.

This got me thinking, "Can Voice Comments be used with any other Google tools?"

Answer: "Yes, in Google Presentations."

View The Google Documents Tutorial:

View Free Tech 4 Teachers Blog Post: 

See the Google Presentations Tutorial that I created:

PicCollage For Writing In The Workplace

Mr. Mentink, the Writing In The Workplace teacher, asked me how he could enhance a traditional poster learning activity with technology.  The result is an engaging one and a half days of learning that previously occurred over four to five days.

See how PicCollage enhanced and empowered the students in the educational experience.

View How To Export Product To Google Drive and Share With Teacher

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

VideoNot.es For Syncing Google Notes With Video

Prior to show the technology tool, I used the whiteboard for low tech description!

Video Notes: Streamline Online Research
Video Notes: Simple way to make, store, and share notes of online videos
Video Notes: Great tool for taking notes

VINE IT: https://t.co/jBBvAzySxj

Lunch N' Learn Results

Thank you for submitting your vote!
Video Notes Wins It!
Click Image To Enlarge
Join us to see how to sync notes with a video that is watched.
It also integrates with our Google Accounts!


A Lunch: 11:45

B Lunch: 12:15

C Lunch: 12:45

Friday, April 19, 2013

Google Presentation For Choose Your Own Adventure

After discussion with Mrs. Hocking, a sixth grade teacher, we decided that Google Presentation would be the best tool for students to create a "Choose Your Own Adventure".

Best because...
  • We are a Google Apps For Education School
  • No age minimum
  • Students know their log in and password
  • Students are familiar with Google Docs/Presentation tools
  • Collaboration Options
  • Sharing Options
Most important feature "Create Links For Choose Your Own Adventures"...In 20 Seconds

See complete details of how a "Choose Your Own Adventure" can be created.

Flow Chart & Student Expectations

Mrs. Hocking explains why Google Presentation is easy to work with...

View the "Choose Your Own Adventure" Example Presentation


Consider using this technique during your next staff development option.  I used this with teachers in August of 2012.  
Read written directions!

@edtechlori shared her resources for a "Choose Your Own Adventure"  Fantastic!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

YouTube Playlists On Right Sidebar

VINEs To Promote United States History Memorial Projects

After learning about VINE, Miss Wilcox decided to use it for promotion of today's memorial visits by her classes!

Fantastic!  Consider using VINE the next time you want to promote your classroom creations!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

United States History Movements

The Process:

How Do I Create a Thinglink? via Vimeo

How Do I Create a Thinglink? via YouTube

How Do I Create a MentorMob?

How do I create a SMORE.com?

Before students view other students' work, they will create a list of 4-5 items in which they will be assessed on. We are focusing on class discussions for four items.  The fifth item will be purely based on what the authors of the product would like to be assessed upon.

Submitting the Final Product
Students will supply their final product through a Google Form.

Final Personal Product
After viewing numerous creations on the three movements, students will create a CREDO
about one of the movements that they learned about or a movement they are passionate about.  This will provide a personal connection through which students will acknowledge their understanding of movements and there results.  The CREDO will be submitted using a Google Form!

Google Presentations Writing On Them Using SMARTboard...In 20 Seconds

Climate Apps

As the completion of a class, I created a lesson that incorporates four apps that can provide a better understanding of Arctic and Antarctica climate and its impact on the area. Lesson Plan

Arctic Watch


Climate Finder 2.5

Climate Pathways

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Calendar 2 Docs And 1 Mail Tool U Need

Today's Lunch N' Learn was all about Google Items that will make your life more efficient!

3- Calendar Items found in the lab that will add some efficiency to your life
Next Meeting

Jump To Date

Background Image

2 - Google Document Items
Paint Roller Tool

Web Clipboard (Thanks To @ChadKafka For the Video)

1 Google Mail (Gmail) Feature You Must Have
Undo Send

Monday, April 15, 2013

3-2-1 Google Items U Want

Lunch N' Learn is back and better than ever this week!  Three Google Calendars, two Google Docs, and one Google Mail items you absolutely want!

Digital Billboard Creator

Need to create a digital billboard?  Makesweet billboard creator has tons of options for images and words.

See Raider in the big city!

Either download the picture (One thing to remember!  When saving the file you must add .jpg to the file name) or share the link.

Let the creation begin!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

iPad Whiteboard For Authentic Connections In Science

Mr. Lenz discovered the whiteboard app and put it to good use.  View how technology was incorporated into his Science classroom at the right time and for the right reason.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Google Chrome's Three Little Lines

Google Chrome is a wonderful tool to surf the web, especially if your school uses Google Apps For Education.

Our school district does!

Therefore learning about what's behind "Three Little Lines" can help you become more efficient by utilizing tools that aide in completing tasks!

Normally, I like to create video tutorials that last two to three minutes.  This one lasted slightly over six minutes, but is well worth the view to learn all that the "three little lines" offer!

In addition, Google provides a Choose Your Account option.  Consider this if you would share a "non public" computer with your family or have multiple Google accounts (one professional, one personal) that you you want simultaneous access to during the day.
Visit Google Account Chooser

Haiku Deck For Paint Chip Poetry

Ever since our Lunch N' Learn topic was discussed using Haiku Deck in November 2012, many teachers and students have used the powerful presentation tool to create stunning pieces of information.

Today, one of our English teachers, Ms. Tubbs, created two Haiku Decks that provide insight into how students interpret poetry.  Students grabbed a color of paint and wrote the poem.


Any Video Converter

A teacher wanted to place some videos created with a video camera to a workable file format for the iPads. We do have Any Video Converter installed on our staff laptops.  View the directions below.


Tweetbeam could be a great tool for live, visual representations of events or discussions as they pertain to the classroom!

I recently created a #WEMTA2013 tweetbeam that provided live tweets in visual format!  Awesome!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chrome's Three Little Lines

Chrome's three little lines provide so much information!  Discover the helpful items that lie behind the three little line at Tuesday's Lunch N' Learn.

Friday, April 5, 2013

VINE For Book Trailers

So I am some what on a VINE kick!  VINE could be a great tool for promoting books that are present in a school library!  Connect VINE with TWITTER which posts directly to FACEBOOK and let the promotion machine begin!

Library + FaceTime + Books + Food + Coffee = Awesome Friday!

Celebrating the new books!

VINE Embed Options For Quick Tech Tool Tip

Vine just became a GREATER tool for me to help explain technology resources to teachers! As of late march, embedding options are provided.  I have created a number of "...In 20 Second" tech tool tips. Vine will be another option for creating quick, helpful tech tool tips!  Read Vine Educational Values

Options include different sizes with a simple click of a button and a

Simple Version (see below)

Or a Postcard Version (see below)

Either method will provide a quick video and audio resource for teaching teachers or students about new technology resources!

Vine Flip Books Created From VINEs.
Vine Flip

VINE Explains StatSilk - Interactive Maps of Open Data

StatSilk was learned about through @rmbryne Free Tech For Teachers.  I immediately sent this to our high school social studies and stats teachers.
I also used VINE to create a six second video clip of the features of StatSilk.

Google Hangout To Allow Student To Attend Classes

We were thankful for Google Hangout over this week as we were able to accommodate a student who needed to be away from school to still attend classes.

Google Hangout has been well documented on iPaddiction because it is so easy to start. Thank you to the entire students' teachers for accommodating this student. 

Consider Google Hangout the next time a student is absent from school.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thinglink.com Any Image Interactive

Thinglink is our Lunch N' Learn topic today!  It allows for any image to be linked with numerous resources across the world wide web.  Want to find an image of a famous person for your subject area?  Link a speech, writing, commentary, or biography to that picture.  The image links work on the iPad.

View how to create one!

View an interactive image!

Can even be created on the iPad using the Chrome browser!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lunch N' Learn Brings Interactive Images

Lunch N' Learn on Tuesday will show you how to create one of these!

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