Thursday, May 15, 2014

AP Environmental Science "Show What You Know"

As any AP teacher knows, time remains after the test.  Ms. Thut is utilizing some classic books found in our library for students to read and inform other students in the class their findings.  Her project for the students explains everything.

She asked me to provide some technology tools for the students to have choice in "showing what they know".  Fortunately, I completed something similar for our E 10 students for an end of Semester 1 proof of learning! Today, I will present to the students OPTIONS for sharing their findings.

Of course, the Top Tech Tool Infographic is going to be utilized along with items from Tony Vincent's Infographic.

Let the learning and choice of proof of learning begin!

Impact On Students:
Creativity: Students will be encouraged to smash the apps together to create products that catch students' attention.
Critical Thinking: Choosing the correct tool to transfer information that a student knows to other students takes a thought process that doesn't come easy.  This is similar to many life skills where the manual doesn't exist and yet, a task needs to be accomplished.
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