Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creation Apps Used On The iPad

My technology integration specialist asked me to provide a list of creative apps that we have used in our classroom.  All the apps are in our tool box, have been used, or will be used.  I have included some of the many videos that show students actually using the apps.  I have also included the original post if you would like to read the details surrounding the use of the app.

Important!  These apps are worth the prices because they are able to be used across the curriculum! 

I have two folders with creative apps on my iPad.  The screen shots are the apps!

ShowMe  (Free)  One of the free apps that allow for students to verbalize about a concept.  We did have issues with uploading to the cloud.  It was conflicting with our wireless.

SonicPics (2.99)  Photography effects

PhotoComic (1.99)  Creating comic strips from our own photos.

Whiteboard  (Free)  Original Post Allows for a white blank screen for writing and for importing photos.

Pic Collage  (Free)  Original Post Original Post  Combine multiple photos onto one screen.

Pottery HD  (4.99)  Original Post Create pottery and sell it!

Skitch  (Free)  Original Post  Another One  Amazing!  Draw and create on pictures, web pages, screen shots!

Scribble Press  (Free)  Write a digital book complete with print and pictures.

Sock Puppets  (Free)  Create your own lip-synced videos.

Dragon Dictation  (Free)  Original Post Speak and it will be typed.  We used this for speaking reflections, copying the text, and placing it on our blog.

Hokusai  (Free) Audio editor We have not used it, but it is in the toolbox Used by this website

Gabit  (Free)  Design your own talking character complete with animation.

StoryBuddy  (4.99)  Create a picture book.

Sundry Notes  (2.99)  Really haven't used.

Visualize  (Free)  A layering platform for creating pictures.

Morfo Booth  (Free)  Quickly turn a face into a talking, dancing, 3D fun character.

MadPad HD (2.99) Original Post Amazing! Engaging! Fun!  Take 12 pictures of anything with noise and make it into any length of song.

My Sketch  (1.99)  Add any sketching affects 

ReelDirctor  (2.99)  Create any movie clip(s) into a full length movie complete with print.
Phoster  (1.99)  Create posters with multiple options.

Animation HD (1.99) Original Post  Create very cool animation stories.
GroupBoard (Free)  A group area to collaborate drawings.

Toontastic (Free) Create cartoons.

VoiceThread (Free)  In tool box, but haven't used.

Photo Mess (Free)  Combine multiple photos into one large collage.  Includes text.

Motion Pics (Free) Movie Created With Motion Pics Stop motion photography.

Explain Everything (2.99) Original Post Another One  The best tool for students AND teachers to explain concepts.  So many features that all can not be listed.
Notes (Free) Original Post  Great app for writing and typing on pictures.  We use it with our digital textbook.

SimpleMind+ (Free) Original Post  Another Post Mindmapping, great tool.
Idea Sketch (Free) Similar to SimpleMind app

Strip Design (2.99)  Create comic strips with own pictures and text.

ScreenChomp (Free) Original Post with student examples Used for explaining concepts verbally while drawing.  We used this once successfully and then we could not upload to the cloud.  I think it was something with our network.
Tellastory (Free)  Tell and share a story with a person's voice.

Kabaam (Free) Create stories that are up to 9 photos long.  Add text bubbles.

PuppetPals HD  (Free)  Create story with puppets and add voice.

Songify (Free)  Introduced Explore Time Change a person's talking into a song.  Different styles of songs available.

Educreations (Free)  Interactive whiteboard used for explaining concepts.  We struggled at sharing the student productions.  We finally created one class account.  Students uploaded using this one account.

TellaGami (Free At Time Of Downloading) Create quick animated messages See Example
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