Monday, March 21, 2016

Google Docs Expiration Date Option

When clicking on the advanced feature section of a Google Docs blue sharing button, you will notice an option to have an expiration date set for each collaborator.

Once the clock is clicked, time options are available.

Now, create the expiration date and forget about it.  After the expiration date, people who have access will no longer be able to view, edit, or comment depending on the permissions you granted.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Google Apps For Work - Presentation to Pulaski Area Chamber of Commerce

Today, Mrs. Uelmen and I are presenting Google Applications to local business owners.  We are focusing on three areas:
  • What Are Google Apps?
  • Who's Using Google Apps For Work
  • How Would You Use Google Apps

Amy and I have been presenting together since 2010.  It's truly great to present with someone who is energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Twitter Exit Ticket

In the Flex Mod we have options for having a large group information presentation session.  As the World History group of teachers continues to add new ways to engage students, we decided to create a Twitter Feed Timeline for information pertaining to the Russian Revolution.  I am a member of their team because in the flex mod, teachers have collaboration time once a week.  As a technology integration support teacher, I am in the meetings discovering what the teachers are teaching and adding "technology integration ideas" when appropriate.

It started when I found the Fake Twitter Feed.  However, in large group the time and process would have been larger than we would have had access to if completed online.

I decided to created a "fake Twitter profile and timeline" using Google Draw that would become a paper copy.  While the images are below of what we printed off you can access all items in a

Twitter Exit Ticket Folder (click)

so that you can use the exit ticket digitally or on paper.

Google Docs Smashed With Explain Everything For Text.

We are in the middle of a project in Spanish II.

We are going to create a children's book using Explain Everything.

We wanted to have students write the text dialogue of the book in Google Docs so that it can be in a "story format".  We believe this will give the students a better visual flow of how the story will develop.  We will then "copy and paste" the text into Explain Everything.

Here's how:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flipboard Use In Global Issues Garners Attention From Flipboard and Co-Founders

We've used Flipboard in our Global Issues Class with great student engagement.

Enter the power of a global audience:
On March 5, I tweeted and mentioned the Flipboard company about an article that our student led newspaper, Pulaski News, wrote about!

On March 8, 2016, the Flipboard company made an authentic tweet to acknowledge Pulaski News and the student who wrote the article.

I'm truly thrilled for Mikayla Berg, the author of the article.  After showing the original tweet, she noticed the Flipboard tweet.  Needless to say, it made her day!  After all, Flipboard has 446,000 followers!

Without the positive power of technology, authors in schools and in our community would not have a global voice!

Truly, an incredible experience for one of our students!

Podcasts For Learning

Because of my recent dedication to using Podcasts To Learn about a wide variety of items, today's Lunch N' Learn is all about Podcasts.  Podcasts are NOT new, but in preparation for today's learning opportunity with teachers, many teachers don't know how podcasts work, where to get podcasts, or how to distribute them to the students.

What's made podcasts better for me in recent weeks, is the need to NOT download podcasts but to simply stream them via a computer or mobile device.  This allows for "what do I want to listen to today" to occur when the time is available.

Some of the best educational podcasts I find helpful are below:
I also like Dodger Talk! (It's educational, baseball style)
You'll need a Podcast App for listening on the go!
You can also find all podcasts on a computer!

I recently provided my fourth listicle on Podcasts For Learning.

So get started with podcasts:

Connect your Smartphone to your automobile for mobile listening.
This video can help:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Break - Fun. Sun. Hikes. Rides...Technology?

Spring Break-Fun. Sun. Hikes. Rides...Technology?
Written By Clay Reisler
Technology Integration Pulaski School District

Believe it or not, you and your family have technology which utilizes apps on your phones that can create a more positive experience on your vacation or “staycation.”

Every mobile device has a camera on it.  However, the best pictures are not always taken due to improper lighting, red-eyes, or any number of errors.  Snapseed can load your images from your camera roll for editing.  It is rated as the “Best Photography App.”  Now, you can adjust any part of the image to “make it perfect.”

The app PicCollage allows you to place multiple pictures together in any collage configuration.  Once multiple pictures are put together with colors, text, or objects, the single collage image can be saved to your camera roll, sent to social media, or dropped into a movie.

While the tool is sometimes portrayed as a negative tech tool, it has some incredible features that could be used to remember a trip. When a picture is taken in Snapchat, the user can draw symbols, arrows, or shapes that can be saved to the “Photos” area of a phone. This will help to preserve the memory of a certain landmark or event. Along with sending it to friends, the photo can be saved to the camera roll for future use in a digital collage or movie!

Instagram is a photo sharing social media tool that utilizes mobile devices.  Instagram images are taken and shared with friends, and privacy settings allow the owner to restrict who is allowed to view the photos.   Instagram is another great way to document places of interest and type specific information about a place or event so that items are remembered.

Have you ever heard a song that you liked, but you didn’t know the artist or title? The SoundHound app will listen to the song with you and provide you with all you need to know.  Within seconds, it will provide the artist, name of the song, and record it in a history tab.  Now when you return from your trip or create a video of your spring break, the song and its title will instantly take you back.  You’ll never forget the memories.

Finding popular local places of interest around you is as simple as opening this app.  Choosing bank/ATM, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, movie theatres, parking, and weather just to name a few will immediately bring you to a list or a map with all of the possibilities.  Distances to the places along with related information will be at your fingertips for easy use.  

Finally, everyone needs a break from technology, even on spring break.  Every mobile device has a timer.  Set the countdown timer to create “a technology-free time zone.”  Look out the window, discuss what you see, add opinions, and enjoy the view. While technology can enhance our lives in so many ways, it’s also great to get away from it.  

So as you’re enjoying Spring Break, use these apps located on mobile devices and try some technology fun, technology sun, technology hikes,  and technology rides.

Submitted for Pulaski News March 17, 2016 issue

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

800 Staff & Students Contributing To Community Service Movie

We needed a workflow for staff and students to contribute photos and movies taken during our Community Service.  Last year we had everyone email the images to us and then we sorted them out We made this video.

This year we are more organized with Google Drive Folders.
Here is our process:

I also created a GIF so that students can see how to "add the folder" to their Drive.  This GIF was created with my ever increasingly favorite app, Workflow.  You can get the workflow here and add it to your collections of Workflows.

While making the movie in iMovie, it's very helpful to have the "activity feed" up on the screen.  It notifies us of changes to the folder.

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