Saturday, February 3, 2018

Marketing Students Hear From College Freshmen Whose Done It

On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 our Pulaski High School Marketing Principles class experienced a thirty minute interview with an Ohio University School of Business Honors Student. Brock Reisler ( has developed a positive personal brand through his website.  He is featured on the Ohio University Honors page. He also secured a 2018 paid internship by November of 2017 after sending 400 emails to colleges and university athletic departments throughout the United States.

As a teacher, this was a great way to utilize
  • Communication (with "experts" outside of our school)
  • Create content as we recording the entire hangout
  • Critically thought about the content that Brock presented to our students as they are going to be creating a personal brand
As a father, I am so proud of the responsible young man that Brock has become.  I liked one of the things Brock said in the interview:

"Everything In High School Matters" ~Brock Reisler 1-31-18

Watch the interview conducted through an event on Google Hangout!

Read through the Tweets:

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