Thursday, August 29, 2013

Classroom Spaces Mr. Mihalski

Yesterday, I helped Mr. Mihaski, high school mathematics teacher, created a slightly different classroom space.  He is allowing students to be the resource for discussion of problems in his class.  To facilitate this, he created a "station" in the classroom that has a document camera.  Students will be asked to explain their work while students add constructive conversation to the class. Mr. Mihalski will focus on questioning of the student as to why they completed a step in a math problem.  This will also place the emphasis on explanation by the student which will help with Common Core skills.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Air Server For Connecting iPads To Computer

While conducting Day 3 of my "Teaching With Technology Tools" graduate class, I was able to incorporate the Air Server app for displaying iPads on my laptop computer.

Bottom line: Fantastic!

Students created Explain Everything screen casts or PicCollage creations that could be used in their classroom.  In an efficient sharing method, the Air Server app allowed for students to quickly connect to display their creation and to disconnect so that another student could display their creation.

Thankfully, our district has decided to purchase this amazing tool for our teachers!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Informational Text Resources

Embraced By Words
Embraced by Words

Many resources have been discovered over the last few months.  I will be sharing the following resources with teachers tomorrow.

Thoughts Before The Resources:
  • You find a great article, you give it to students, they don't read it because they know the teacher will give them everything they need to know from the article.  Determine a new way to allow students time to gather the important information from the text.
  • Pose a real life, driving question that can allow students to pull the needed information from the text
  • Allow students to state the questions that they have from the text that could enhance the driving question or providing them a purpose to find more text to answer the questions.

Library Media and Technology Integration Specialists Raider Camp

Yesterday, was an incredible day in which educators from our district were able to meet and brainstorm!  As library media specialists and technology integrators, we discussed a number of items.
  • Summer Updates:  As a group, we need to be ready to answer all of the questions that staff members will have as it pertains to technology updates.  Our IT staff has put together some resources to aide in the transition.  Because we are allowing teachers to add information they would like we provided...
    • Most Important - After imaging Information
      • When teachers return, their computer desktops will look different
      • We need to facilitate their transition
  • Learning: We spent a great deal of time teaching each other and learning from one another
    • iBooks Creator - create on Mac, read on iOS mobile device
    • iTunesU - Create in Safari, read on iOS mobile device
    • Google Plus - open to our staff - instant help desk with shared screen
    • Chrome Webstore - our leader created this which ROCKS
    • Freedom Flix & True Flix - video resource options (paid)
  • NETS and ITLS 
I am so thankful to be a member of this dedicated group of individuals who have one purpose:

Serve Educators!  

We are willing and eager to help with technology integration in the all classroom settings & to find a great book for students and staff!

Day 2 begins today with another great opportunity to learn and grow!
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