Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Google Form (Responses) Text Wrapping

A valuable discovery!

Flex Mod Digital Sign & Countdown Preparations

During certain times of the day, monitors in our building will have digital announcements.  We are planning to use Google Sign Builder.

The daily announcements will run using a Google Presentation that can be updated at any time.
Our example:

Once set up, the slide show will switch to a countdown clock (red) and black background which will run at our designated times.

Our designated times are currently set for this schedule.

Between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, we will display some form of wallpaper such as below:


A HUGE thank you to Mr. Westphal for taking our ideas and making them happen.

Monday, April 20, 2015

SMART Notebook Express

Numerous SMART Notebook files, inter activities, review games, and presentations are created by teachers on a daily basis.  Some of these could be used by students during personal learning time (homework) for further understanding of concepts.

One option for students to view SMART Notebook information is via an exported PDF copy that teachers email or place on a digital management tool.  While the information from the SMART Notebook file is viewable no inter activity between movable objects or links to pages within the file will work.


The Workflow
  • SAVE SMART Notebook file to computer (if not previously completed)
  • CREATE Google Drive folder for organization
  • UPLOAD SMART Notebook file to Google Drive
  • SHARE Google Drive File with students via blog, Edmodo, email

The Final Steps
  • OPEN web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE
  • TYPE http://express.smarttech.com/ into the omni bar (URL area)
  • OPEN existing Notebook file (blue button) 
  • FIND the SMART Notebook file the teacher shared with students in the steps above
  • CLICK on the file OPEN (it may take a few moments to process)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Newscast From The Past - World History

As we progress forward with the project, the Green Screen App by Do Ink will be used by some students.  Below is a basic instructional video followed by a complete tutorial.  Remember, each Do Ink creation can be produced to the iPad's camera roll.  Upon completion, combining multiple Green Screen creations into an iMovie project.  Produced together can be a completed project.

*Follow Up
After one week of three green screen set ups and 300 students experiencing the project with 30 iPads, some images, videos and final creations were completed.

French Newscast - Amazing Creativity and Production
Channel 7 News - Intro, Content, Commercials, and more
KTVU News - Amazing Production!

Some of the 2016 versions are saved and can be viewed.



Exporting Options - MP4

Monday, April 13, 2015

SMART Notebook New & Review

SMART boards with SMART notebook is a technology tool that all of our teachers have in their educational setting.

Updates that could be helpful for teachers when planning and presenting educational lessons are below.

View The Converted SMART file to PowerPoint

Remember,any SMART Notebook file can be shared with others if uploaded as a SMART file to Google Drive.

Combine the downloaded file with the free Notebook Express tool will allow users to view and manipulate any part of the file from any computer.  This could be a tremendous help in allowing students to review classroom material.
As we move into the Flex Mod schedule in the fall of 2015, this may be beneficial in sharing important classroom content information.

Download SMART Notebook File of the updates.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Using Google Draw While Using Google Docs

Our sixth grade students in Mrs. Noble's class are writing creative stories that create "critters" that combine two different features of different animals into one "critter".  One of our teachers wanted their students to create an image of the "critter". Google Draw was the best tool for this on a computer.

View My Example

Student Example: Critter Story - Uniserpent

Educators Guide To Flipboard In The Classroom

Flipboard is a tremendous web, iPhone, iPad digital magazine for many educational purposes.  Subscribing or following the "best of the web" informational material can be a resource for staff and students.

The graphics are stunning.  Images are crystal clear, and the pages turn with ease and quickness.  News can be aggregated from websites, news sources, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others.

Once topics are followed, a user can create their own magazines which can be a "storage area" for specific readable items.  These magazines could be followed and read by others.

Follow other people's magazines.
We introduced Flipboard as a tool for acquiring current events.

Other Ideas For Use In The Classroom:

Consider having co-curators

Flipboard's Terms of Use

Flipboard Tools
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