Sunday, March 5, 2017

Raider Strong Podcast: Workflow That Makes It Happen

I finally understood and completed the entire workflow for creating and producing a podcast to iTunes!

I made the intro and exit music in Garage Band on the iPad. (Starter Book) I made the art work in Canva on the iPad.  I recorded the actual interview on the iPad.  I uploaded it to Google Drive where it can be produced into an MP3 on the iPad.

Here's where the entire process on the iPad could stop and people could listen to it via the Google Drive Folder.

However, that's not officially podcasting.  I needed to get it to a host, I chose Soundcloud for now as it allows three hours of free hosting.  See the product.  After that, I connected with iTunes Connect. This is the official "housing" area of all iTunes podcast accounts.  I used my iTunes account, completed all of the information, and waited 24 hours for Apple to approve.  Now, you can find my podcasts on iTunes OFFICIALLY!   

UPDATE:  Once the Soundcloud app is installed, use the Garage Band's "sharrow" to produce the podcast directly to Soundcloud.  No computer needed.

MY GOAL: Interview as many Raider Strong employees as possible which will help promote the GREAT people that work in our district. 

After conferences with Ms. Thut, we created the beginnings of how it looks for students.  Our students will focus on:
  • Consuming quality content using Environmental podcasts found on iTunes
  • Critically think about what makes an exemplary podcast both from a technical stand point and content stand point.
  • Collaborate with experts on YouTube or in the community to develop a passion for an environmental issue that is important to them. 
  • Create a series of three podcasts that directly relate to the environmental issue that they want others to know about.
While all of the creation can and will be done on an iPad.  Our students will spend time in the library downloading their podcast from Google Drive and then back up to Soundcloud. We will also use their Pulaski iTunes account to establish an official Podcast account.

I'm thrilled at the final results and can't wait for our students to experience the thrill of podcasting!

UPDATE: [June 2, 2017] Students really did a great job, and had fun doing it! They created unique "entry music" to their podcasts along with rich content.

UPDATE: [February 1, 2018] teacher asked for no frills step by step directions.  Read Them

Some of them can be found HERE.
All of them can be found HERE if the permissions are correct.

GIVE IT A LISTEN, Subscribe, and Review

If you are interested in more of an elaborate set up, THIS post provides great information!

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