Friday, April 20, 2018

8 Deadly Sins of Camerawork When Using an iPad

Our high school physical education students will be creating energetic lifting videos.  We will be teaching them how to film correctly when using an iPad.

After each "deadly sin" was introduced, students partnered with another student and practiced how to properly film based on each of the "sins".

I liked how students saw what was an incorrect/correct skill and then practiced the skill correctly.

I also believe this was an outstanding example of how iPads are so portable and function in so many ways.  If we had Chromebooks in our school as our one to one device, this would not have been as efficient as the "all in one" iPad.  You'll also see a great example of team teaching and the very best thing I like about my job.  After the introduction to the learning opportunity, I presented the tech skills that students will be using.  To complete the introduction, the physical education teacher, Ms. Retzlaff, provided the specific requirements and expectations.

The teacher is the facilitator of the content.
The digital learning specialist (me) is the facilitator of the tech tools & skills associated with content.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Zach Seidel, Social Media Coordinator - UMBC Athletics

Our marketing students were blessed to have experience an interview with Mr. Seidel of the UMBC athletics Twitter account.

UMBC men's basketball and UMBC became famous as they were the first number 16 seed to beat a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournaments.

Zach's wittiness and timely tweeting caught the eye of many!  Since our marketing students are in the midst of a social media campaign to raise funds for Phase II of our Field of Dreams Campaign, I reached out on Twitter to Zach and asked if he would "hangout" with our students. 
He graciously agreed.  By the way, this was a great lesson for our students as well. 


He gave great responses to a number of questions:
  • How has your life changed since your famous night in basketball?
  • What was your social media plan prior to the game?
  • What is your social media plan now?
  • How are you leveraging the success you have found to improve your entire university?
  • What does your social media team look like?
  • What's two things you can specifically tell us that helps when being "good at social media"?
Watch the interview:

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