Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Commitment To Teachers

Last evening I attended a training session for volunteers who will be working for a company throughout the football season.  The company is a worldwide leader in providing services for people who attend sporting events and national parks.

While I was there to learn the ins and outs of my volunteer position, as soon as they stated their philosophy for us to follow, a blog post developed in my head.

As a service to our teachers in my district, I will be a Technology Integration Specialist.  I will be introducing, co-teaching, and supporting teachers using technology to enhance how the content is taught by teachers and learned by students.

With that being said, my entire focus during my time as a tech integration specialist will be...

Following through with this will allow each teacher, who receives support from me, to know that I will provide as much information about the tech tool that I can find.  Teachers provide content, I provide supporting tech tools that can enhance the learning experience.  No matter what the level of comfort using technology the teacher may be at, I will spend as much time with the teacher as needed.  I want the teachers to know that I care about their technology integration experience and want it to be the best it can be.  If it is, more experiences are likely follow.

So with that, I will do everything I can to help teachers with meaningful learning experiences which provides them with the eagerness to continue to learn and use a technology tool to enhance their content.

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