Friday, March 30, 2012

Proportions and Blogging

Today, students applied concepts of black ink on white paper (some drill and practice problems) to pictures of real people.

We followed up the four problems with students reflecting on the day's work.  We placed emphasis on adding pictures to enhance our blog post and labeling the post with math concept words.

Twitter and Google Are Great Ways For Student Interaction

Today we used a Google search and our Twitter accounts to quickly accumulate all the United States stories for how they got their name.  This worked really well as a "anticipatory set" (old school language?) and lead in to seeing how the shapes of the states were formed via the history channel.  Our total lesson is located in Day 8 on this blog post!

Blogger App Trick To Publish

When students are using the iPhone Blogger app on the iPad (or on the iPod) and adding a label a small punctuation mark can cause a non-publishing problem!

See how the student fixed the issue!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Student Presents iPad Findings

A couple of months ago, I remodeled my classroom so that the podium was in the middle of the room.  I didn't stand in front of the room anyway!  See how a student quickly shares their iPad findings.

I used the PowerCam HD camera app for this because it had a zoom feature.  It is supposed to look like this because I chose the vintage setting.

Enhanced Notes

Can't imagine how our notes might look different if everything was a pencil in a notebook.  Students have truly personalized their content.

Explain Everything Continues To Enhance Note Taking

Explain Everything app is proof that sticking with an app for an extended period of time proves to be positive.  Sometimes this year, I have been so eager to try a new app.  This creates a learning curve with the digital tool so that that students sometimes get frustrated.  I don't hear comments about the frustrations of the app as I did in the first few days.  Now students understand the app and are using all of its features.  Cool!

Because we are using Explain Everything for our note taking tool for the story of westward expansion, students are really discovering the creativeness of the app.

Google Doc Discovery By Student

Google docs continue to be a source of typing for our students.  Some error messages do exist on the iPad, but this student figured it out.

While it is true that a person can not bold, underline, and other cool features in a Google doc on an iPad, for basic word processing, Google docs on an iPad works fine.

Episode 9 Splashtop HD

Be patient with my explanation on the video.  It was challenging to jump back and forth from the laptop to the iPad.

Math Drills App

Incredibly students love working on math facts when a "best of list" is at stake!  The Math Drills app allows for profile creations by students that creates an achievement list of all tests taken.  It shows their progress throughout the year.

We do not work on math facts every day, but work them in when five minutes are available.

This is a paid app, but I believe is the best app for math facts for grades four and up!

The list of accomplishments.

Students are able to personalize the look of the screen.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Personal TV Through Apps

I teach a Wall Street class that allows students to invest $100,000 over 12 weeks.  Personal business TV apps such as CNBC RT and  Bloomber TV provide real time and archived video segments for learning about the day's business news.

Enhanced Notes of Content Through Explain Everything

Students are really getting the hang of the features in the Explain Everything app.  I have really noticed a sense of individuality and creativity in note taking.  Part of my struggle is that I know in high school note taking will be required at some point.  Maybe students will look at note taking differently after using an app with multimedia features.  At the same time, they are fully engaged in understanding the information this year.

Remember at the end of our journey to the civil war, they must use the Explain Everything app to "tell the story".  This will serve as their assessment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Google Earth Used

Google Earth was a great tool to use while investigating the 1818 land acquisition of the Red River Basin.  It is one thing to see the old time pictures of the area, but I think it really gives a visual if students can see how it looks today.

Amazingly this is the first time our class has used Google Earth.  (I totally forgot to load it onto our iPads)

No Longer!  Let the discovery begin!

Creation Apps Used On The iPad

My technology integration specialist asked me to provide a list of creative apps that we have used in our classroom.  All the apps are in our tool box, have been used, or will be used.  I have included some of the many videos that show students actually using the apps.  I have also included the original post if you would like to read the details surrounding the use of the app.

Important!  These apps are worth the prices because they are able to be used across the curriculum! 

I have two folders with creative apps on my iPad.  The screen shots are the apps!

ShowMe  (Free)  One of the free apps that allow for students to verbalize about a concept.  We did have issues with uploading to the cloud.  It was conflicting with our wireless.

SonicPics (2.99)  Photography effects

PhotoComic (1.99)  Creating comic strips from our own photos.

Whiteboard  (Free)  Original Post Allows for a white blank screen for writing and for importing photos.

Pic Collage  (Free)  Original Post Original Post  Combine multiple photos onto one screen.

Pottery HD  (4.99)  Original Post Create pottery and sell it!

Skitch  (Free)  Original Post  Another One  Amazing!  Draw and create on pictures, web pages, screen shots!

Scribble Press  (Free)  Write a digital book complete with print and pictures.

Sock Puppets  (Free)  Create your own lip-synced videos.

Dragon Dictation  (Free)  Original Post Speak and it will be typed.  We used this for speaking reflections, copying the text, and placing it on our blog.

Hokusai  (Free) Audio editor We have not used it, but it is in the toolbox Used by this website

Gabit  (Free)  Design your own talking character complete with animation.

StoryBuddy  (4.99)  Create a picture book.

Sundry Notes  (2.99)  Really haven't used.

Visualize  (Free)  A layering platform for creating pictures.

Morfo Booth  (Free)  Quickly turn a face into a talking, dancing, 3D fun character.

MadPad HD (2.99) Original Post Amazing! Engaging! Fun!  Take 12 pictures of anything with noise and make it into any length of song.

My Sketch  (1.99)  Add any sketching affects 

ReelDirctor  (2.99)  Create any movie clip(s) into a full length movie complete with print.
Phoster  (1.99)  Create posters with multiple options.

Animation HD (1.99) Original Post  Create very cool animation stories.
GroupBoard (Free)  A group area to collaborate drawings.

Toontastic (Free) Create cartoons.

VoiceThread (Free)  In tool box, but haven't used.

Photo Mess (Free)  Combine multiple photos into one large collage.  Includes text.

Motion Pics (Free) Movie Created With Motion Pics Stop motion photography.

Explain Everything (2.99) Original Post Another One  The best tool for students AND teachers to explain concepts.  So many features that all can not be listed.
Notes (Free) Original Post  Great app for writing and typing on pictures.  We use it with our digital textbook.

SimpleMind+ (Free) Original Post  Another Post Mindmapping, great tool.
Idea Sketch (Free) Similar to SimpleMind app

Strip Design (2.99)  Create comic strips with own pictures and text.

ScreenChomp (Free) Original Post with student examples Used for explaining concepts verbally while drawing.  We used this once successfully and then we could not upload to the cloud.  I think it was something with our network.
Tellastory (Free)  Tell and share a story with a person's voice.

Kabaam (Free) Create stories that are up to 9 photos long.  Add text bubbles.

PuppetPals HD  (Free)  Create story with puppets and add voice.

Songify (Free)  Introduced Explore Time Change a person's talking into a song.  Different styles of songs available.

Educreations (Free)  Interactive whiteboard used for explaining concepts.  We struggled at sharing the student productions.  We finally created one class account.  Students uploaded using this one account.

TellaGami (Free At Time Of Downloading) Create quick animated messages See Example

Monday, March 26, 2012

PowerCam HD

I have finally found a camera app, PowerCam HD, that allows for zooming in and zooming out while recording video.

It's free!

It has 7 sharing options.

Too many to count options for recording video effects and photography effects.
Complete Details of App

The only draw back to using this is that when I published to YouTube, it didn't allow me to type in the title, description, tags, category, and privacy.  When using the iPad camera, those areas need to be filled in while posting to YouTube.  I simply went to YouTube and completed the categories after the video was uploaded.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Assistive Gestures Feature on iPad

A great discovery for adaptive students or for additional on screen features for the iPad.

Used Explain Everything for the creating the video above.

War of 1812 HD app

For pure interaction and amount of information on a topic, the War of 1812 HD app rocks!  With our study of the events leading up to the Civil War, we are taking two days to talk about the "forgotten war".

View how we are using it!

Group Problem in Algebra

As stated in many posts, the digital device (iPads) have allowed me to print little to no paper.  With today's lesson, I created for individual pieces of information in a Google doc which automatically comes with a URL for sharing in my blog.  This gave the information to the students without having to print paper!

You will notice that we used paper today in the form of a large piece of graph paper.  I felt it was the best tool for the job!

Total group working together!

Everyone engaged in the problem.

As mentioned before, changing from a lecturing atmosphere in math to a collaborative and engaging atmosphere has been one of the most fulfilling changes to come about due to iPads.  Students are fully engaged in mathematical discussions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Formal Assessment Using Creative Apps

Over the last two days we have been completing many tasks to help with the relationship between Pi, diameter, and circumference.  Day 1  Day 2

Some assessment happened today.  See what we did!

Opened class with a small discussion and a video

Explain Everything Used For Individual Instruction

***Teachers and administrators from the Port Washington school district were an honored guest in my classroom. I feel so thankful that teachers and administrators want to view how educational learning experiences can be dramatically changed with the use of technology devices.

All of our students did not perform exceptionally well on our Chapter 7 assessment.  I needed a way to allow for students to receive the individual instruction that they needed based on the concepts that they did not understand.  I devised a lesson that followed this format.  The entire format of the lesson is presented their and details the tech tools that are used at specific times.

All of the videos were created with the Explain Everything app.  The app provided a way for me to take pictures of the test that I completed.  I then created additional audio comments and visual help.  Students commented on how they were able to go at their own pace.

The iPad and all that comes with it allows for me to really individualize the learning experience.

Students View of iPads in the Classroom

For my first attempt with students and the MadPad HD app, I decided to ask students to state one word that describes using the iPads in the classroom.

***First attempt using the app...certainly will improve.

Take a view and listen to what the students think.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Comments Google Spreadsheet and Apps Tie Lessons Together

Day 2 of 3 days...See first day

Leaving blog comments on student posts was a beneficial activity to tie one day's lesson to another.

A Google Shared Spreadsheet was an easy way to gather data from all students.

Once the relationship between Circumference and the Diameter was made students were introduced to the concept of Pi.  A lesson is not complete if students don't try to memorize Pi.  Two apps helped in this process:  Pi Day and Pi Brain

Explain Everything For New Approach

I am going to try a new approach for students to understand and most importantly to remember events from social studies.  We are studying the events of westward expansion leading up to the Civil War.  I am providing two apps to the students.

U.S. History Timeline
Explain Everything

In addition, we discussed in depth the "Fair Use" policies of using images.  The Open Clip Art website was introduced.  We also discussed that all citations of images will be in blue with a certain font.

Students will be guided by me to find about 10 answers based on questions I pose pertaining to 10 major events.  They will use the U.S. History Timeline to discover the answers.  Once the answers are found and verified, students will create slides in Explain Everything.

The intent is to create the slides as a digital medium for telling the story.  After all the information is gathered, students will return to the beginning of the created digital story and write a script.  They will then record themselves recounting the events leading up to the Civil War.

iPad Provides Hands On Learning

With the iPad, our students (re)discovered the specific terms relating to a circular object.  I say (re) because I know that the concept has been taught in previous math years, but some students may have forgotten.

In the past without iPads, students would have viewed a black out line of a circle in their textbook with the words "diameter" and "circumference" labeling the figures accurately.

With iPads, I had students take pictures of real circular objects from our room and label the "diameter" and "circumference" with the Skitch App.

Moving around after about 5 minutes in their seats was a great diversion from the normal class activity.  As you can see, students were engaged and active.

With the help of the Skitch App, students are able to connect the math terms with real objects.  Bringing a mathematical concept to life.  Students posted the labeled pictures to their blogs.

After solidifying the diameter and circumference of many objects, students applied this knowledge to collecting data.  Eventually, students will be discovering the relationship between the diameter and circumference of any circular object.  Before they do this, we used a Google Spreadsheet Document to gather measurements from real objects.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Informal Assessment Prior To Formal Assessment

There is one valuable lesson that I have learned this year!  When students are asked to explain concepts with an app, they don't know as much as I hope they know.

Because of this, today I had students use whatever app they wanted to describe a concept.  Without graphing tell me how a person can find the y-intercept and slope from an equation.

See what students did:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Google Forms and Video For Assessment

The iPads really allowed us to create an assessment that allows for students to go at their own pace.  It was filled with video and an assessment that corrected itself.  This allows for me to spend time analyzing the data for individual instruction if concepts are not mastered.

Skitch App Two More Uses

The Skitch App continues to be a go to tool!

What would have required me to print off 50 sheets of paper with no opportunity to share the completed work, turned into a use of the app and blogging about our learning.

Different Math Class:
I really liked the use of the Skitch app as shown below.  We have been introducing the students to the area of trapezoids and triangles.  In the past, we would have simply looked at black outlines of these shapes in our white paged textbook.

With the Skitch App, we took real pictures of shapes found in our world and applied the formula and what we knew.

Some examples of student work (for privacy I have not noted source)

Students finally blogged about their experience along with using the numbers to solve the area.

Engaging?  Yes!
Productive? Yes!
Creative? Yes!
Long Lasting? Hopefully!

iPad and Google Form Directs Reteaching

As many of you know, I have started to get the hang of using @mrschwen 's Google Assessment tool.  It has really helped with individual teaching of concepts that students do not understand.

Each student took our semester exam.  With the results, I conferenced with student to discuss and reteach the concepts not understood.  I actually had one student tell me that they liked the one on one meeting.

Who knew?

Without iPads (or any digital device) and Google forms, I would not have been able to gather data that easily translates into individual learning sessions.

See an individual conference:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review Game

Many tech tools were used during our review game.

The presentation was placed on our blog after class so that students could review on their own in the evening.

Skitch App Is A Winner

Today, we used the Skitch app in place of photocopying or drawing graphs for slope triangles.  This app is very efficient.

The students sounded as if this app will replace the Whiteboard App

Flashcards App - No Account Required

The App:  Flashcardlet

I have finally found an app that has two great options:
  • The ability to connect to Quizlet if we wanted to
  • The ability to CREATE flashcards for studying without an account
I liked that I presented students with information and instead of taking notes in a notebook or in a note app, students created study cards as they went along.

Students practiced the information!  Tons of features to the apps!

Completed the day, by using a formal assessment with a Google form.

Apps Used For Parallel Lines and Parallelograms

In the past, we would cut paper.

Yesterday, we used multiple apps.
See how we did it:

Episode 7 Mail Options

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Apps To Solidify Congruent Concept

Today our math textbook gave a brief, less than three lines, description and definition of congruent.  We decided to take steps further and use the iPad to solidify the concept.

We used:
See how it was accomplished!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Teaching Teachers Who Will Experience 1:1 iPad in 2012

Today, I had the privilege of teaching a high school staff about tech tools that I have used in my iPad filled classroom.  Next year, the high school students will be using an iPad on a daily basis.  The iPad will be theirs to use during the school year.

This school did the correct thing by getting the iPads into the hands of the teachers well before they are asked to lead students with them.  Teachers have had the iPads for about 2 months.

The presentation that I used is below.  Highlights are listed below the presentation.

Some highlights:

  • Tips and Tricks: Slide 4
  • Knowing 21st Century Students: Slide 6
  • 21st Century Educational Settings: Slide 15
  • Classroom Setup: Slide 20
  • Finding Apps: Slide 31
  • Being App Literate: Slide 38
  • My App List: Slide 40
  • Lesson Integrating Technology With Students: Slide 48
  • Lesson Integrating Technology With Adults: Slide 49 
  • Lists of Apps: Slide 50 to Slide 55
  • Digital Citizenship: Slide 66
It truly was a great experience.  I really enjoy teaching adults about iPad/technology/21st century classroom techniques so that they can implement techniques with their students.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Partially Flipped

In having the iPads I have noticed that an important time to use the flipped classroom concept is on the day of the test.

Students always finish at different times.  In the past I have had students sit and waste educational time after they have completed the assessment.

A new practice of mine is to create a short video cast of the next lesson which students need to create on their own prior to the next class period.  This has allowed me to use the assessment day to be both a day to assess, but also a day to discover new concepts.

I create a blog post listing items as can be found here.  When students are done with the assessment, they simply transition to headphones and their iPad to discover the new concept.

The video cast is below...

View Inside Classroom...

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