Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visualize App For Book or Movie Poster

The Visualize app provides great options for layers.  The free version allows for 10 layers of pictures, texts, or clip art.

Explain Everything Student Productions

Concluding our Common Craft project required production.  One person was the speaker, one person was the mover of objects, and one person was the start stop of the recording.

Worked perfectly!

See how it is done.

Google Drive Storage Is It Full In 20 Seconds

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Voice For Political Cartoon Interpretation

Because of another teacher, a colleaugue set up her Google Voice.  It will be used for students to call in their interpretation of a political cartoon that she has emailed to them.  Her customized greeting pertains directly to directions for the assignment.  This will be the first thing the students hear from the teacher.

Create a new Google Voice Greeting For Each Assignment

Checking to see how it works!

Common Craft Day 2 Sharing iPad Photos

We needed all students to contribute to the Common Craft video by making paper props.  We shared these with the person who is actually making the Common Craft type video with the Explain Everything app via our Google Drive app.


Ace Multiplier and Equivalent Fractions

Ace Multiplier and Equivalent Fractions were recently used in a seventh grade math class.  See how the apps work by listening to the students describe the apps functions.

Draw and Show Lite For Common Craft Props

As we started our Common Craft videos pertaining to Imperialism, students discovered the features of Draw and Show Lite.  An additional feature of this video provides the reason for creating video tutorials for students.  This allows for students to learn at their own pace.  It is located on the teacher's blog.

See our students in action.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google Hangout and Todaysmeet For Video Feedback

Technology in the form a Google Hangout and Todaysmeet made today's activity more efficient and productive in Mrs. Stainton's AP Environmental Science class.

See how this technology served as a great vehicle for learning.

TrapIt For Research Integrated With Evernote

One of the great reasons for using Evernote with students came to light TODAY!  Our students were not able to use a computer lab.  Only the iPads were available.  With ease, the Evernote app was utilized on the iPad.

We also introduced students to TrapIt! which is an extremely efficient search engine.  Type what you want to search and instantly TrapIt! aggregates all information pertaining to a topic.

The integration with Evernote comes with one tap of a link.

See how it worked!

View all the How To...In Evernote Videos

Awesome New Tab...In 20 Seconds

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evernote With Students

After a Lunch N' Learn about the Whys of Evernote, Miss Tubbs decided that Evernote would be the best tool for collecting and organizing resources for a problem solution paper.

It was important to have students acquire the correct tools in the correct order.
See the Evernote of the order of introduction for students.

View the process & reaction from students.

How To...In Evernote

Playlist Not Loading Fast Enough? Go To Playlist
Manage Your Account

Create A New Notebook

Create A New Note

Organize Through Tags

Word Process In Evernote

Share A Note (Remember Public)

Print A Note

Investigate The Evernote Trunk

Evernote on iPad

Haven't got your fill of Evernote?  Get an eBook!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Aid To Third World Country Using iMovie

iMovie continues to be a quick and creative tool for our staff and students.  As part of a unit, students created compassionate videos pleading the teacher to grant them the fictitious money to help the people of a certain country.

As one student put it when asked how they like iMovie, "It's really easy to use."

Fantastic as it really isn't about the tech tool, it is about the content.

Friday, December 7, 2012

If You're Absent From Your Classroom, Consider...

Being a teacher has many unique aspects none greater than providing directions for a substitute teacher.  Whether it is an all day sub or for just one hour, providing a short video to make it as if a teacher is present in the classroom, continues learning despite the circumstances.

There are two ways that video can be utilized.
Yesterday, Mrs. Stainton traveled on a field trip with some students from one of her classes on a field trip.  However, some of her students from a different class were still in the classroom.  Her efforts allowed the continuation of learning through an explanation of the lab that the students were about to experience.  The video was uploaded to YouTube, because YouTube provides a platform that can be played across multiple devices.

She used the SMART video recorder.

After it was uploaded, the YouTube link was shared with the in-house substitute teachers through email.  The substitute teacher appreciated the ease of use, because they played the video to the students.  After watching, the students proceeded to complete the lab experiment.

While this does require some additional prep on behalf of the teacher, it truly provides seamless learning atmospheres within the classroom despite the lack of physical presence by the classroom teacher.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project Based Learning In Anatomy Using iMovie

View the details of the project and how the students are working.  After the videos are complete, the students will be using the videos they created to assess a real person's injuries!

Screen Recording Using Screencast o matic

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Common Craft Type Videos Entirely On The iPad

Mr. Krause, Mrs. McCumber, and Ms. Wilcox informed me today that he would like to complete Common Craft type videos on the iPad because, as he states it, "I like the explanation aspect".

I immediately thought, "This could be a great opportunity to create the entire video on the iPad."

I chose a drawing app, specifically Draw-n-Share Lite because of its paper feel, and it was free!

I also chose Explain Everything because it is the tool that best provides a canvas.  I thought of Lee and his "four 750 watt  bulbs" that he uses for shooting video.  We don't have that!  Explain Everything removes the additional equipment that is needed while still providing a great production canvas. View the process!

I also liked Explain Everything, because I could write a script for each slide, thus stating clearly what was to be spoken on each slide.  I used Evernote, but any tool, including paper and pencil, could be utilized.
With ONLY one hour into the project, I was able to make the following Producing Muscles In Plain English.

In one week, I look forward to viewing what the students create.

iMovie Trailer Student Reaction

As we are in final stages of using iMovie Trailer for absolute rulers, I asked a few students what they liked about the tech tool.

Can you guess which comment validated using the app?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evernote Why?

Why would I ever want to use Evernote?  
I have used Evernote Since June of 2012.  It now is the only tool that I use to do all of the items listed below.
  • Multi Device Tool 
    • Web Clipper Extension (Save Everything)
    • Phone
    • iPad
  • Pictures (can't instantly place on Google Drive)
  • Simultaneous Search
    • With the Evernote Web Clipper, searching for Google is like searching for resources that you know you have AND wanted in the past!  See what I mean!
  • Create Lists
  • Shopping Store To Store
  • Writing
  • Sharing Information 
    • Students
    • Parents
  • Other applications allow "pushing" to Evernote
  • Recipes and Cooking
Create Account On Computer

Create Account on iPad or Phone

Doxie U Scanner For Teachers $119
Compare Doxies

Still Not Convinced? See this

Explain Everything For Connections In Algebra I Lab

Combined with our paper and pencil graphing results from a "bouncy ball lab", Explain Everything became the best tool for comparing and contrasting the connections between two events.  As educators we really saw how the students were forced to explain the graphs and the results from it.  There was no "hiding in their notebook", and students really enjoyed creating their results.

See how the students explained the experiment.

Today, students will record voices on each slide and upload/share it to their Google Drive.  They will also share it with their instructor.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

iMovie Trailer Options For Students To Acquire Material

Planning with a teacher in preparation for an iMovie trailer production brought us to mapping out the methods students could acquire material.

Here's the diagram we will share with students.

Google Plus and Google Hangouts

Our district is starting the process of using Google Hangouts with staff.  Since the Google Hangout requires a Google + account, our district is not ready to open this to staff just quite yet.  It will happen, and it will be great for communicating in a geographically large district, holding staff meetings with smaller groups, and helping staff with technology and lesson planning.  It will also be a positive as it works on laptops and iPads!

To start the process and test some settings, our learning support team of library media specialists and technology support teachers conducted our first hangout.

Six educators, five buildings, one Google Hangout.

While we aren't ready for complete unveiling to staff yet, we will get there, and it will be beneficial!

See some Google Hangout Resources:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back Channeling AP Human Geography

Mrs. Brylski decided that this year she would use todaysmeet as a backchannel for discussion during Food, Inc. (Used Twitter last year for backchanneling) She became familiar with todaysmeet when she used it for a discussion tool among students in different classes.

See what we did.

Bamboo Connect Pen

Mrs. Heck is creating some mathematics videos for a student who is unable to attend school at this time.  Using SMART notebook, Bamboo Connect Pen, SMART notebook video recorder, YouTube, and her blog the student has a personal tutor that understands the content.

Portable SMARTboard In High School Library

Student Choice Presentation Tech Tools

Mr. Landers is culminating a science experiment by having students choose what presentation tool is best for their data.  Spending a morning with the content teacher prior to class allowed us to determine the choices that students could have.

During class, we emphasized with students that using a tech tool, "because you may have used it in the past" is not a great reason for using the tech tool this time.  Students were asked to investigate each tool so that they could decide the best tool.

The teacher took care of the content, while I, as a learning support teacher, was able to assist with some technical difficulties, mainly setting up Glogster accounts and other accounts for students.  It is always beneficial for two teachers to be present in a classroom of 26 students.

See the exact list of tools with link and document created for students.

See the choices that students had.

Trading Cards iPad App In US History

Through this blog post, I learned about the Trading Cards app. It is a fantastic app for so many content areas.  The great thing about being a technology integration specialist is that I can find resources and share them with so many people.  Immediately after learning about the app, I contacted one of our U.S. History teachers in our high school. We quickly established how the app would be integrated and moved forward.

See app tutorial:

See the app in action with students and teacher!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions
How to get there, and what to do!

Reading and Writing Supports for the Chromebooks




YouTube Looper


Cite This For Me

Google URL Shortener

Trash Can

Black Menu

Awesome Screen Shot & Annotator

Evernote Web Clipper


Voice Search

Gmail Attachments To Drive (options)

Google Dictionary

Incredible Start Up Page

Tab Cloud

Send From Gmail

Free Resource
Keyboard Shortcuts
ctrl-shift-T (reopen last tab)

TrapIt! For Resources

TrapIt! has been a game changer in helping me find resources for staff.

Geometry Apps For iPad

A teacher recently asked what Geometry apps are available on the iPads.  I replied with this...

I have used Geometry Pad (free version), but not sure it fits your specific classroom needs.  Please read the description which sheds light on the details.  

If the free version doesn't have everything, the PAID version might.  There is also MathGraph for iPad and Geoboard.  While MathGraph may be useful, Geoboard seems somewhat limited.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Act Math

Today, Mr. Mihalski and Mrs. Gulan provided the challenge of a Three Act math problem.  In preparation for this, I filmed the actual activity and used Camtasia to place the (Dan Meyer) timer and video together.  The students used iPads to review, investigate, and discuss the problem at their own pace.  The great thing about this was that it was messy.  Questioning and not giving was the theme by the teachers so that the students did the work!  It also begins to give students (even though they don't know it) the skill of explaining mathematical reasoning which will be an important skill when the Common Core State Standards SMARTER balanced assessment takes place in the future.

Once the video was created, I presented it to the teachers in the format of an email.
Below are the directions that the math teachers and I developed.  The questions are anticipated questions that we thought the students might come up with.  The math teachers determined the math that transpired from the footage, while the technology integration specialist delivered the video for classroom use.

Act 1: Show this video Students may need a slow version

Act 2: Allow students think time...take on questions.
  Questions that may be asked. 
     1.  How many steps are there?
      1a. How are the steps to be numbered?  Where is zero?
      2.  Do both teachers start on the same step?
      3.  Is Mr. Mihalski taking two steps at a time?
      4.  Do we want to know the step or the time that they will meet?
      5.   Is Mr. Mihalski really wearing two different shoes?

This will be messy.  Avoid telling the students the answers.  However, it may require some input from you.

*I realize the time in the videos is inaccurate.  While it will be changed for next time, it gave students a great opportunity to use their BYOD and retime the action.  

For the students to view the video footage, I created a classroom blog with the teacher.  This gave the teacher a digital presence on the web.  See the students in action:

Twitter Lunch N' Learn

Could have made my own, but this tutorial says it all.

Why Every Teacher Should Be On Twitter

Twitter Chat Schedule
Add Twitter Chats To Your Google Calender
Explanation of Educational Twitter Chats

Twitter reads

Social Media: Teachers Should Be Excited

Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's Meet As A Collaborative Learning Environment in AP Geography

The AP Human Geography teacher wanted a different method for students to learn the content.  We chose to create a quick and easy way to collaborate between class periods.  The teacher focused on the content, while I focused on the logistics of the technology tool.

Students were paired up with another student in a different class.  The learning environment created in was simply made by using initials from the students in the class.

We took a hint from Twitter chats by using Q1 and A1 for questions and answers between the two students in each class.

See the process and the reflection by the classroom teacher.

raidercamp Pulaski School District's First edCamp

Friday, November 16, 2012 brought a historic event to our school district.

One week prior to Friday, our staff were informed of our plans to have a #raidercamp.  A website was created complete with a short video to explain everything.  We also asked staff to create a Twitter account so that additional information can be learned while not in a session.  Having Twitter accounts for our staff will now lead to more opportunities to explain to staff how powerful Twitter can be for a Personal Learning Network.

For one half of a day, our teachers experienced an #edCamp.  We called it #raidercamp.  Two sessions with 24 different topics suggested by our staff.

There were no keynote speakers, no teachers in charge.  Individual learning by teachers based on topics suggested by teachers.

The entire district staff gathered in the high school auditorium to accomplish three things.
  • Quick description of an #edcamp
  • Suggesting topics
  • Building a schedule
Our specific schedule looked like this...
     PHS Auditorium
     1:00-1:30     Info and Session Planning
     1:40-2:20     Session 1 (rooms throughout high school)
     2:30-3:10     Session 2
     3:15-3:30     Raffles and Reflection, PHS Auditorium

Of course, we had prizes at the end.  There were the traditional prizes of a shirt or iPad stylus, but the real coveted prizes were the gift of time.

All administrators awarded one free hour of subbing for the winners.  Administrators will be in kindergarten, health, high school math, and other classes.  This was well received by our staff!

Lastly, we had staff reflect on the day using a Google Form.

View the actual day below!

Huge "thank you" to our technology department.  We had over 300 educators on our wireless network without one trouble!


  1. Map of high school either on edCamp site or through email prior to camp.
  2. Talk about and emphasize "independent learning". Let me explain, as educators we ask students to be independent learners.  In fact, we encourage it!  However, some teachers were adamant about how they wished there was an "expert" in the sessions.  There isn't always going to be an expert present when learning.  Having the discussion with staff about how this is an "independent learning' situation may be helpful to understanding the format of the sessions.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Google Voice Reading Reflection

Today, Mr. Rodal set up his Google Voice account in under 15 minutes.  His thinking was to create a different tool for students to reflect on readings that occur in his history class.  Setting up a Google Voice account allows for connection to our school phones.  Also, most students have cell phones with them and can reflect during class or after school.  We will also be able to set a deadline for the assignment as each voice mail is time stamped.  In addition, and probably the great addition, Google Voice will transcribe each message.  This way the instructor can listen or read the response.  Furthermore, the teacher can click on the TEXT link under the transcribe voice mail and send the student a quick text message to the phone in which the original student message was sent from.

Now that the initial set up and brainstorming has taken place, I can't wait for the implementation with students.  Hear from Mr. Rodal on how EASY the process was!

Additional Google Voice resources here and here.

Disconnecting Google Chrome

Raider Camp Is Here Sign Up For Twitter

Today is our district's first #edcamp .  We are #raidercamp
It also provided me with an opportunity to create an ...In 20 Seconds Twitter sign up video!

Here We Go!

Teacher Leaders Sharing With Teachers

Now this was awesome!

Several teachers attended the Midwest Google Summit on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  I only attended through Twitter via #mwgs and while I learned some things, I am now receiving emails from teachers with links of resources they learned about at the Summit.

How cool is that!  Teachers come to me for technology resources and ideas for implementing them, but NOW they are sending me links.

Exactly what we want.  Our school district wants teachers who are SPARKS in the educational atmosphere.  When this happens, the teachers take ownership.  After all, it is everyone's school.

I am thrilled that teachers send me links that I will be able to pass on to other teachers.

Maybe the teaches should be the Technology Integration Specialist consider themselves a #techcoach

By the way, You Google Wrong & Google Quick Guide are just some of the resources teachers have shared with me.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Google Drive on iPad

In the final installment of a World Issues on the iPad, students need to upload their creation with the instructor.

In steps Google Drive.

Teacher Progression of Implementing Technology

Modeling implementation of technology came full circle yesterday with the teacher that I taught the tech to now teaching her students.

Let me explain.

On October 31, our science teacher wanted to use iMovie and Skitch with two classes to demonstrate the transfer of matter.  She had never used either tool, but believed the use of these tech tools helped engage and solidify the concepts.  She believed that they helped so much that she wanted to implement the tools with other classes that she taught.

The great thing is that during yesterday's implementations, SHE DIDN'T NEED ME!  She felt confident from using the tools in other settings to simply not need any support.  She spent about seven minutes showing some features of iMovie and then let the students discover how they were going to use the app.  She also used the assistance by a student who had used iMovie!


I really feel that our district is teaching teachers in the correct manner.  Providing guided assistance so that they teachers become SPARKS to future teaching and learning!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TED app For Choice Learning


Dropbox and iPad for Uploading Assessment

Our anatomy teacher wanted all of the students' Skitch images in one place so that he could evaluate them.  He chose Dropbox.  He created one username and password and a few folders for the entire class to use.  A positive about Dropbox is that it can link and unlink with the iPad with ease.

See the process.

Recording Explain Everything Material

I used the Disp Recorder app to create a tutorial on recording voice on Explain Everything.

Easy, Awesome, and once again allows me to be in two places at one time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch N Learning Atmosphere

Lunch N' Learn Everything YouTube

  • Create YouTube Channel, Upload YouTube videos  Complete YouTube Details
  • Create YouTube Playlist Get It
  • Sharing YouTube Clips Get It
  • Uploading Video To YouTube (Slide 39) Get It
  • YouTube on the iPad (FREE) Get It
  • Download YouTube Videos Via iPad Get It
  • Download YouTube Video Via Computer Get It 
  • Video Editing Direction IntoYouTube Get It
Add _popup right after the word watch in the URL of your YouTube Video!  See It

Once channel is created, email Joanne to let her know your YouTube channel.  You will be providing her with information that looks like this: 

This will allow for videos on your channel to be accessible by students.

NEED MORE: See the YouTube Presentation From Midwest Google Summit

iCab Mobile YouTube Feature

I recently purchased the Disp Recorder app.

It is a Game Changer!

Disp Recorder allows for complete recording of your iPad screen and all the movements within.  There was no lag time and worked beautifully with many options for exporting.

I chose to use the Disp Recorder app to feature the iCab Mobile app.

Google Voice For Spanish Assessment

Today, our Spanish teacher provided the steps for students to take an assessment using their cell phones and Google Voice.

See the process

Google Story Generator

Google Story Generator could be an incredible creative writing tool for teachers.  No log in required, but could be used to save information.

See My Example

*iPad Users!  Video works on an iPad, but no audio.

Haiku Deck Creation App on iPad

Today our Lunch N' Learn topic is YouTube.  Most of my information relates to computer/laptop aspects of YouTube, but I wanted to provide some information about YouTube on the iPad.

Recently, the native YouTube iPad app was removed.  Jasmine provides an alternative viewing option for YouTube videos.  This includes logging into a person's YouTube account.

To provide this information for our teachers, I created a seven slide presentation using the Haiku Deck creation app.

I liked the Haiku Deck app (FREE) as it was simple, yet provided an eloquent presentation for the information.  I didn't like the fact that I needed to create an account.  This adds one more step for students that takes class time.  I do like the fact that a student can "sign out" of the app.  This is extremely important as more than one student is using the iPad.

The sharing options are limited to email, Facebook, Twitter, and export.  The export option would be ideal if it was to the camera roll.  It's not.  It is simply an email.  This requires another step as students would need to set up their email on the iPad.

After emailing it to myself, the document opened in my Google drive.
I am able to share it through the "big blue button" that states share in my Google drive.

View It

The email option provides a live link which can be emailed.  However, when the email pops up, a public link is present.  This provides many features:

  • Sharing

  • Download

  • Embed

View another great example.
@sjgorman used the Haiku Deck for her presentation.  She chose

Overall, it seems to be a viable option for creation of content on the iPad.
View another tutorial of Haiku Deck.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lunch N' Learn 11 13 12

YouTube: Not Just For Silly Stuff Anymore

iBooks Generator

This warranted an immediate blog post!

I am finally making my first iBook.  As you know, I am a huge "upload it to YouTube" person as it is a great place for actual video from our classroom to be stored.  With that being said, I would like many of our YouTube videos in our iBooks as interactive aspects.

Enter iBooks Generator!

Place any YouTube or Vimeo url into the generator and it creates a .zip file that can be downloaded.  This .zip file contains an iBooks Widget.  Simply drag it into the iBooks page you want, edit the text, and instantly you have a YouTube video as an interactive feature to your book!

View a video of how to create the widget.  Get the iBooks Generator!

Let the fun begin!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Google Search Features 11 09 12

Some features have changed when using Google as your search engine.

View what they are on a computer ( will try to complete an iPad version soon)

Text To Speech Options For Reading Textbooks At Home

Some resources for accomplishing this task:

This allows for text to speech, but only 200 characters

This allows for text to speech, appears to have no minimum characters.

SQWORL Perfect Tool For SMARTER Balanced Conversation

Today, I will be leading a SMARTER Balanced discussion and prep for mathematics teachers.  Immediately, I thought of the new tech tool, SQWORL!  This tool allows for multiple URLS to become one URL.  The benefit of SQWORL is that a visual thumbnails are present with the link and a description.

VIEW THE SQWORL of SMARTER Balanced Assessment 
Resource Includes:

  • History of SMARTER Balanced
  • Company Making SMARTER Balanced
  • Wisconsin's DPI FAQ
  • SMARTER Examples
  • SMARTER Prep Questions
  • DAN MEYER's Geometry & Algebra Curriculum

One negative: All of the thumbnails are not being grabbed from the resources.  Hoping over time that thumbnails will show up.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

World Issues Using Explain Everything

See how our English Department is allowing students the freedom to create an Explain Everything on a world issue that they are passionate about.  Several students had extensive training with this from last year.  They became student leaders and QUICK about creating it.  They still enjoyed the app, but it wasn't about learning the technology tool.  It was about using the technology for learning and solidifying a concept.

We Improved Our iPad Cart

Thanks to a great innovative idea by one of our teachers, Amy Tubbs, our Datamation iPad cart has improved.  The frustration arose when the slots for the iPads would not match up with the chords.

View how she improved the cart.

Calculator (Google) on iPad

As you know, the iPad doesn't come with a native calculator.  Yesterday, a student needed a calculator while using the iPads in math class.  We really didn't need the power of a graphing calculator while completing these problems, so we simply typed the problem in Google.  I knew that Google would perform the computation, but I didn't realize that a calculator key pad would become an option.

Now I know, and you do, too!

Placing Emergency Call On School Phone

If an emergency arises in our school, you can place a call in a few steps on your phone.  This call will be immediately sent to a person(s) in our school who will find the help that is needed.

View the steps to placing a call.

Sound Recording on Laptop or Computer

To create a sound recording on a computer, a microphone must be attached or built into the computer and you will need a preinstalled program.

See how it can be done.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

QR Codes Provide Quick Individual Tutor

After two meetings and about an hour and a half of planning, this activity came to fruition today in class.  We used the Scan app, which seems to be the fastest app in the land.

See the process and the teacher's reaction.  The teacher was able answer students' questions on an individual basis, because each student was a different pace.

Photo Editing PicMonkey

As our district moves toward cloud based software, PicMonkey may come in handy for students and staff.  I created the picture below in about 10 minutes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Google Word Processing Features and Lesson Plans

Today's Lunch N' Learn revolves around features found in Google's word processing.

Google Lesson Plan Search

AP Environmental Science Areas Of Concern Videos

Our Environmental Science groups had a work day to continue development of their "Area of Concern" videos.  Through the tremendous preparation and hard work by Mrs. Stainton, experts in the field of concern were brought in.

While students discussed their projects with those students, Mrs. Stainton and myself continued to provide resources and support for the other groups while the developed their plan.

One meaningful conversation that I had was with a group that is creating a Common Craft video.  I showed them how the common craft videos are set up.  Students are also discovering the possibilities with the Green Screen FX app, which they will be using.

See the learning environment.

Menu Of Learning With Computers

Last week, one of our teachers explained how the "Menu of Learning" works in her class while she uses iPads.  This week, I was invited into see how Mr. Krause uses the "Menu of Learning" with computers.

Thanks to our great staff at PHS sharing ideas and resources helps our students achieve success.

BYOD and Google Docs Features In Psychology

The Psychology students had a number of options to demonstrate how they know the parts of the brain and its purpose.

A fantastic demonstration of Think. Question. Create. was demonstrated my two gentlemen who obtained an app that help them recreate the brain's parts.  This app was downloaded onto their personal mobile device.

In addition, students needed to create terms and their definitions, I demonstrated how to use the search feature in Google documents to make the learning more efficient.

Thank you to Mr. Krause for giving students great options for learning.

The Hub

Our library media specialist, Joe, has really transformed the atmosphere.  While we don't have music playing all the time, one students was overheard saying, "I came in because of the song, now I see a book." Check out the set up.

Friday, November 2, 2012

iMovie Tutorial For Teacher To Show In Class

As previously documented, I have found a way to be in more than one classroom at a time.  Earlier this week, a teacher wanted me to provide insight into iMovie.  I was already booked with another teacher.  I created the video below knowing that she would play it in front of her students.  She did, it was perfect, and I was in two places at once.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Math Individual Learning Through QR Codes

After meeting with the math teacher initially to present the idea that I thought about after viewing this blog post and another meeting after the teacher created five instructional videos, the QR code activity is ready to be unveiled to the students next week.

The teacher used a Word document combined with SMART video recorder, YouTube, and a QR code generator (Google URL shortener & Kaywa) to create the activity.  Students will use the SCAN app for discovering the video instruction.  This activity will allow for students to learn at their own pace through the use of an iPad.  It will also allow the teacher to spend time with students who may not understand the concept.

We recorded the process on how to get this done!
See it!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Transfer Of Matter Through iMovie and Skitch

The science teacher wanted students to demonstrate their knowledge of how matter transfers from the food they eat to the energy they produce.  Students are able to demonstrate any activity that they love to do through video and still pictures.  Each still picture can be enhanced through the use of the Skitch app.

I was able to teach the basic functions of iMovie and Skitch before the students engaged in using the app.

I prepped with the teacher for about 30 minutes prior to the lesson.  This way she was able to know the features of the apps.  This helped because she was able to answer questions that students had while using the app.

I was impressed by the engagement that the iPad's caused with the students.

See how it worked.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


ThreeRing is bringing a great concept to the web by allowing teachers/students/parents to upload images of work completed.  On top of that, the items can be tagged and searched for easily.

Uploading names of students is easy.  Simply download a copy of your classroom roster in an excel file or word file and place the list of names into ThreeRing.

This will be a great tool for assessing students by standards.  Sharing them with parents and students is also easy.

Pictures can be taken with their iPhone/iPod, iPad, or Android apps.

See the web version of Three Ring

Using these apps allows for you to capture a still image, video, or audio recording.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Menu of Learning in Social Studies

Instead of the traditional format of lecturing the content by the teacher, Lindsey WilcoxHeather McCumber created a menu of learning for their students.  Hear and see how iPads or computers plus a menu of options for learning allow the students to "take charge of their learning".

Google Calendars

Embed Google Calendar Into Google Sites

Embed Google Calendar Into Google Blogger

Tech Coach Check In...In 20 Seconds

Every other week, our team of learning support teachers checks in with our staff via email.  To enhance the content of that email, I incorporated a tech tool tip called ...In 20 Seconds.  While my email states if I can help in any way, it now provides a helpful tip that doesn't take much time to learn.

...In 20 Seconds refers to a tech concept that can be learned in 20 seconds.  So many teachers are so bogged down by so many things that time is of the essence.  20 seconds actually does provide enough time to provide a helpful tip. I use Screencast-o-matic or Reflection app to produce the video. I use the Skitch app and iMovie to place it togther.  A great fun idea I have started to incorporate is interesting sounds at the beginning of the 20 seconds.  (Chad's idea, see below)

Today, marks creation of #10.  Can't believe it! View List Here
I received the idea from @chadkafka !  Thanks, Chad.  

Feel free to use any of them or better yet, start creating your own and let me know what you created!

Now...go learn something in 20 Seconds and share it with the rest of the world.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Google Chrome Most Visited

There really are so many features to Google Chrome that one step at a time I am going to inform our staff about the features of Chrome.  The first feature centers around having the most frequently visited websites by a user one click away.  See how to get this feature for your computer.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I'm In More Than One Classroom At A Time

I am one technology integration teacher. There are over 100 teachers in two buildings that I want to help. 


I create 2-3 minute videos for teachers to show to their classroom.


It creates a library for teachers to access on tech tool tips for integration into their classroom. They can access this any time, and they can refer to it multiple times throughout the year. In addition, they don't have to spend a ton of time learning the "tricks" of the tech tool. However, as they watch it, they learn the "tricks" of the tech tool. It really is a win-win-win for teachers, students, and me! Present in multiple classrooms at one time.

See one that a teacher is using on Friday.

How did I create it?
I do not have Camtasia Studio at the present time due to reconfiguring of our computer work stations. Because of this, I use Screencast-o-matic for computer instruction or Reflection for iPad instruction for the actual recording.  Whichever the tool used, I upload it to YouTube and then use the Tubebox app to download it from YouTube to my iPad.  After using the Skitch app to create a bumper page, I add the video, bumper page, and some copyright free music to the iMovie instruction.  Finally, I upload the video to YouTube and email the link to the teacher.

The process does become easier as it is practiced.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twitter A Spanish Conversational Tool

Today, I co-taught with the Spanish teacher.  It was the second time that Twitter was being used.  The purpose for using the tool was to have a place for students to converse in Spanish.  While we didn't expect any technical issues, we experienced them.  What isn't present in the video is the wonderful team teaching that occurred. In each class, two to three students didn't know their password or Twitter wouldn't recognize their account settings immediately.  The classroom teacher took these students aside and worked on configuring the accounts.  I took care of using Twitter for the purpose that the classroom teacher wanted.  Also, one student hadn't created an account.  I worked with that student to set up the account while the classroom teacher set out the Learning Targets for the day.

It was a great example of team teaching!

See how it works:

She also created a wonderful Digital Footprint Agreement with the students.  The students needed to read and digitally sign before heading onto twitter.  See her blog post.

iPad App Organization via Sonic Pics

One of our model classroom teachers, Tina Mills, has really utilized the folder aspect of the iPads.  She has had students organize the apps according to similarity.  This provides students the choice to use an app, but provides some direction from the teacher.

Hear why she did it.

I used the fantastic app, Sonic Pics, and an iRig Mic to record the video.  The Sonic Pics app allowed be to take photos and easily scroll the pictures while telling the story.  See what it looks like.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CheckThis and Smore For Digital Presentations

Students in another social studies class, presented some of their digital posters about U.S. Citizenship.

View some of the SMORE creations here and here  and some of the CHECKTHIS here and here.

The students did a fantastic job of making the digital posters come alive with pictures, text, and videos.

Remind 101 Used By Spanish Teacher

Using Remind 101, the Spanish teacher will be communicating with parents and students.  View the method.

Change That Password & Google Access

To Change Password on school computer,

  • Press [ctrl] and [alt] and [delete] at the same time.
  • This will provide a screen with four choices.
  • The third choice will be "change a password".

Or Watch The Video

4 Tips To Really Secure Password
View REASONS to CHANGE Password!


Strong Passwords Aren't Enough

Check Google Account Settings
Official Google Blogs 4 Keys

Additional Password Info

Lunch N' Learn Countdown

CheckThis and Google Forms

Last week the social studies teachers began this project.  Today, students presented their digital posters.  The teacher used a Google form to acquire the group names, link to the CheckThis, and the collaboration Google document.

View the presentation and how the Google form was used.

Story Term Project

One week ago, the English teachers had an idea.

Learn about the terms that describe action and parts of a book or movie (setting, irony, conflict) via movie clips.  Students were given the opportunity to use presentation tools such as SlideRocket, iMovie, or Pinnacle to demonstrate their knowledge.  Along with these tools Skitch and iCab Mobile were used on the iPad to create slides and use movie clips on the iPad.

Today, they presented their final projects.  Fortunately, I was able to view some of the projects while the students presented the information.  The students did a wonderful job.  I even remembered a digital tool (TubeChop) that I forgot about when a student used this resource for clipping movie clips from YouTube.

View some parts of the presentations.

Saturday, October 13, 2012 To Group Multiple Links

On the weekends, I send our administration examples of integration of technology from the previous week.  I firmly believe that we need to share the great teaching and learning moments that occur in our district.  I recently found the site  which allows shortening of multiple links into one link.  Customization of the shortened link is also possible.

My example this week:

I believe this site (service) could be a great way for teachers who may not have a digital presence (i.e. blog or site) to send multiple links that students should use.

While you can create an account, no account is needed.

Check out

Teaching U.S. Citizenship to 10 Year Olds Through CheckThis and Smore

The social studies team wanted a Web 2.0 tool to use on computers (not iPads) so their students could meet requirements of a project.  The project allows high school students to teach fourth graders how to become U.S. citizens.

Two options were used.

Both services are free.  Both services allow for text, video, images, and links. allows for slightly better configuration as far as variety of layout. provides for easy login as it connects to a account.  This option made it quite easy for the students to start working on their project.

Overall, each tool can provide a great service for creation projects.

To collaborate, students did need to create a Google Document for sharing resources that eventually will be placed onto their creation.

While I haven't used , I have created multiple creations for our weekly staff
Lunch N' Learn.
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