Monday, May 5, 2014

Master Concepts Through Creating With Stick Around

Stick Around app for the iPad is a relatively new app that allows students to create puzzles that match terms and their meanings.  Creating a puzzle sounds like it might be best suited for K-6 students, however, this app is so versatile that it could be a phenomenal app for K-College students.

Consider Stick Around For (My Ideas First*Stick Around's Ideas Found on Website)
Social Studies/Psychology/Human Geography:
  • Attaching countries with culture
  • Attaching cultures with ethnics
  • Attaching maps with languages
  • Attaching brain parts with functions
  • Attaching psychological conditions with discoverers
  • Attaching economic concepts with overall impact
  • Place locations on a map*
  • Place items where they belong on a chart*
  • Label people in a photo*
  • Associate powers with the branches of government*
  • Sequence of events on a timeline*
  • Combining steps of a problem with rational
  • Combining steps of a problem with terms
  • Attaching labels to parts of speech in sentences
  • Attaching correct punctuation and capitalization with sentences
  • Attaching story elements with steps of a story
  • Attaching character analysis with personal experience
  • Attaching connections between story plots of various books
  • Attaching steps of a media process with tools of the trade
  • Complete a graphic organizer*
  • Associate words and definitions*
  • Combining labeling of topics with definitions and meanings
  • Combining parts of microscopes with definitions and functions
  • Combining causes and effects for any topic
  • Combining elements with reactions
  • Tag parts of the body*
  • Annotate the water cycle (or any cycle)*
  • Label the parts of a plant (or anything)*
  • Match photos of animals to their habitats*
Foreign Language:
  • Attaching English words with words of a foreign language
  • Attaching  conversations with correct order
  • Attaching culture with languages and customs
  • Fill in a Venn Diagram*
  • Label animal parts with definitions pre or post labs*
  • Attach processes with definitions
Family and Consumer Economics
  • Combining finished food product with correct ingredients
  • Combining finished clothing product with correct stitching or procedures
  • Combine utensils with names and functions
While making puzzles could be a powerful option for presenting the information to students, a more engaging and empowering learning experience would be for the students to create the puzzle based on information you provide.  Have students share puzzles with peers after completion and students are provided with a student created mastery activity.

From the creator of Stick Around view the basics for using Stick Around!

If you considering this app for your classroom, it is relatively inexpensive if you want to purchase more than 20 copies.

See you Tuesday to experience a face to face learning session on one of the great, new creative apps.
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