Monday, September 29, 2014

Google Templates, Google "Save As A Doc" Google on the iPad

Google Template
Many items that pertain to content area, classroom management, and personal computing can be found in the Google Template Gallery.  People around our school district and the world can submit "documents for use" so that students or teachers can use them in their classrooms.

The Google Template Gallery is not automatically in your Google Drive.  You will need to restore the gallery into your drive.

Having students or teachers submit documents/forms/sheets/presentations to the gallery can provide some great resources for YOU to use.

Mr. Barszcz, English teacher, created a Sub Plan Template that could be used by any teacher for any subject.  Consider using it.

Mrs. Moehr, FACS teacher, created a grocery order form that can be used during each project.  No need to recreate.  An "automatically created" new document is created for you.

Mrs. Forsberg, middle school teacher, created a paragraph/essay planning template.  When students "use this template" a new copy will be created for the students.

Google "Save As A Doc"
Through this blog post, I was provided a solution to a problem that has perplexed our teachers who use forms for some time.  When lengthy questions are entered into a Google form, it is challenging to read in the "sheets" format.  Finding the "Save As A Doc" add-on, places all chosen cells of data from a sheet into a document which is easy to read.

Google Shuffle Questions on Forms

Google on the iPad
Mr. Ken Westphal, technical support, provided our staff with excellent directions that explains why/how a Google doc, spreadsheet, or presentation can be edited on the iPad.  Remember, the Google Drive app (video is from 2012; some slight current differences) now does not allow for editing one of these three items...

  • If users want to Edit a Google Doc, they'll now need the Google Docs iPad app - see here
  • If users want to Edit a Google Spreadsheet, they'll now need the Google Sheets iPad app -see here
  • NEW - If users want to Edit a Google Presentation, they'll need to the Google Slides app -see here

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iPhone Photos to Google Plus Album to Google Site

The workflow for getting a slide show from an iPhone to a Google Site might be easier, but this is the process that our AP Biology teacher and I came up with.  The bottom line is that she wants to showcase many things they are doing in the class.  A Google Plus slideshow is the easiest way to embed this in a Google Site.

The workflow is below...

Google Site, Edit, Insert Google Plus Photo Album, Choose Album, Extra Large, Center the Google + Photo Album, Save

1.  Take photos with iPhone
2.  Google + Home
3.  Photos
4.  Click all photos
5.  Blue arrow on top left
6.  Blue Arrow
7.  Green Share button
8.  Google + on computer
9.  Photos
10.  Click arrow of pictures
11.  Move
12.  Choose album
13.  Should be in Google Site


VIEW THE SITE with slideshow

Monday, September 22, 2014

Google Forms - Customize Banner via Google Draw & Password Protected

Through Chad Kafka, I learned how to use Google Draw to customize a heading in Google Forms.  Google Forms are being implemented by teachers for everything from student surveys for Teacher Effectiveness to assessments in class.

A banner is at the top of the Google Form.

While themes are available for changing,

the ability to customize may be something you, as an educator, could model for your students.  Students may find them to be helpful as they create forms for different data accumulation.

While Chad shows us how to make a customizable banner using Google Draw, any image that is 1200 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall will fit.

You'll need this Google Drive TEMPLATE. You will click FILE > MAKE A COPY

I made one for our biology department's common assessment.

It was truly easy to complete and really added some design to the Google Form.

If you would like more Google Form customizing, view the video below.

To create more items to enhance the validity of the assessment, we created passwords.  The idea originated for me, here.  The first field in the form should be password with the following additional settings. In between the ^$ type the characters that you would like to add as a password.  

In the next field, add an item that is a page  break.

Finally, add an item as your first field of you assessment or survey.

If you would like to use a previous Google form, but would like to delete "last year's data entry), simply select all of the rows and delete them.  The data in the rows will delete, but the form will be unaffected.

Food Talks Using ChatterPix

Last year, I presented Google Drive Clean Up during our Lunch N' Learn.  I used ChatterPix to promote it.  I had the idea that ChatterPix could be used by our FACS team to somehow incorporate it with food.

This year, our FACS teacher, Mrs. Moehr, used it to help students discover, describe, and understand the many sandwiches that exist in the world.  The students created each individual "sandwich video" on school issued iPads.  Once the individual movies were created they were imported into ONE iMovie which is below.  The iPad was an efficient tool for students to create a final product that "Showed What The Know".

Turned out incredibly awesome!
Year 3

Year 1

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Learning On The Loo - Cool Sites - Vol. 2 Issue 2

We continue to help staff learn more about technology tips, tricks, and resources.

Volume 2 has now two issues.  See them all!  They are not linkable because these are actual papers that get placed in our staff bathrooms.  Thinking about doing a "student version"  Maybe soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Converting Traditional Teacher Schedule To Flex Mod Schedule

We recently taught our teachers how to conceptualize their current schedule.  Here is the presentation that helped them to look at their schedule differently.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Google Classroom

Google Classroom Ticket was used for promoting the Lunch N' Learn topic.  You can create your own at Works perfectly on the iPad as well in the Chrome or Safari web browser.  Save it to the camera roll and insert it into any app.

Setting up your Google Classroom

Teacher & Student Views

Setting Up Your Google Classroom(written directions)

Five Google Classroom Mistakes

Resetting Teacher Permissions

Google Classroom Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Google Drive Activity Feed
All Google Classroom's have their own folder.  Within that folder are sub folders for each assignment.  Within that folder, each student's assignment will be labeled for easy reference.

If you are planning to attend, please accept the invitation to join the Lunch N' Learn classroom.  Click on click that you ARE A TEACHER, please email me for the code. Please bring your laptop or iPad and we will practice using Google Classroom.

Numbering assignments in Google Classroom

Monday, September 8, 2014

High School Learning Spaces - Lunch N' Learn

Please join us in the High School Social Studies Learning Lab for the first Lunch N' Learn on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.  Bring your lunch and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while learning!  We'll explore at how to utilize the two different learning spaces in the high school and how to check them out!

A Lunch: 11:35 AM
B Lunch: 12:05 PM
C Lunch: 12:35 PM

Calendars To Check Out The Space: 
PHS Library Laptops (actually Chromebooks)
PHS Library Workspace (no computers needed)
Check out BOTH if you would like to use both areas at the same time.
(Scroll Over To View Details) Actual Link

PHS Social Studies Learning Lab 
PHS Learning Lab
(Scroll Over To View Details) Actual Link

Options For Lesson Design While In These Learning Spaces
Direct Instruction, Group Instruction, Individual Learning

Environmental Science Videos: Workflow For Success

We will be using multiple devices and Google Drive to organize group videos that share environmental issues and solutions.
View It
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