Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Explain Everything Enhances and Clarifies AP Stats Project

Last year, Mr. Martinson had AP students complete a project that required students to use every piece of knowledge that they acquired throughout the year.  While the projects were acceptable, for the most part students just lectured to the audience about the step by step process that was completed to meet the requirements.

This year, we decided students needed to include a guest speaker.  They could choose any person or character they wanted to help explain the complete process.  In addition, students were asked to smash the PicCollage app with Explain Everything in any way they could.  While all students loved adding the "guest speaker" students struggled with including the PicCollage in an effective way.  Maybe the PicCollage app wasn't the correct app to smash.  Next year, I would like to include ChatterPix as so many students use M & M or Skittles as their subjects and ChatterPix could be a great way to enhance creativity.  We also encouraged students to limit their video to two to three minutes.

Overall, the final products this year WERE simply outstanding.  Even if you don't know much about stats, you will walk away from watching a more educated person.

Impact On Students:
Creativity:  Students incorporated a "guest speaker" of their choice to enhance the production.
Critical Thinking: Having students attempt to smash an app (PicCollage + Explain Everythin) required students to think how the two apps can enhance the final product.

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