Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Explain Everything For Newton's Laws & Rube Goldberg

Our seventh grade teachers wanted a tool that would allow students to describe (explain) images and video associated with their Rube Goldberg machine.  Explain Everything was the tool of choice.

A huge advantage that Explain Everything has is that individual slides can be recorded.  This is especially important as mistakes are made.

See the tremendous detail and creation that went into a production from Mrs. Schwittay's students.

Updated video 2016

View Video

Impact On Students:
Critical Thinking: Obviously, thinking through a simple task to make it difficult takes critical thinking.  In addition, students needed to vocalize their thought process and rationalization.
Creativity: The creativity in the process was amazing.  The teacher couldn't state enough how much students put forth a fantastic effort to make a perfect Rube Goldberg machine.
Collaboration: Four students working together to make one machine and one explanation.
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