Friday, November 16, 2012

Google Voice Reading Reflection

Today, Mr. Rodal set up his Google Voice account in under 15 minutes.  His thinking was to create a different tool for students to reflect on readings that occur in his history class.  Setting up a Google Voice account allows for connection to our school phones.  Also, most students have cell phones with them and can reflect during class or after school.  We will also be able to set a deadline for the assignment as each voice mail is time stamped.  In addition, and probably the great addition, Google Voice will transcribe each message.  This way the instructor can listen or read the response.  Furthermore, the teacher can click on the TEXT link under the transcribe voice mail and send the student a quick text message to the phone in which the original student message was sent from.

Now that the initial set up and brainstorming has taken place, I can't wait for the implementation with students.  Hear from Mr. Rodal on how EASY the process was!

Additional Google Voice resources here and here.
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