Friday, November 9, 2012

SQWORL Perfect Tool For SMARTER Balanced Conversation

Today, I will be leading a SMARTER Balanced discussion and prep for mathematics teachers.  Immediately, I thought of the new tech tool, SQWORL!  This tool allows for multiple URLS to become one URL.  The benefit of SQWORL is that a visual thumbnails are present with the link and a description.

VIEW THE SQWORL of SMARTER Balanced Assessment 
Resource Includes:

  • History of SMARTER Balanced
  • Company Making SMARTER Balanced
  • Wisconsin's DPI FAQ
  • SMARTER Examples
  • SMARTER Prep Questions
  • DAN MEYER's Geometry & Algebra Curriculum

One negative: All of the thumbnails are not being grabbed from the resources.  Hoping over time that thumbnails will show up.

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