Monday, November 19, 2012

raidercamp Pulaski School District's First edCamp

Friday, November 16, 2012 brought a historic event to our school district.

One week prior to Friday, our staff were informed of our plans to have a #raidercamp.  A website was created complete with a short video to explain everything.  We also asked staff to create a Twitter account so that additional information can be learned while not in a session.  Having Twitter accounts for our staff will now lead to more opportunities to explain to staff how powerful Twitter can be for a Personal Learning Network.

For one half of a day, our teachers experienced an #edCamp.  We called it #raidercamp.  Two sessions with 24 different topics suggested by our staff.

There were no keynote speakers, no teachers in charge.  Individual learning by teachers based on topics suggested by teachers.

The entire district staff gathered in the high school auditorium to accomplish three things.
  • Quick description of an #edcamp
  • Suggesting topics
  • Building a schedule
Our specific schedule looked like this...
     PHS Auditorium
     1:00-1:30     Info and Session Planning
     1:40-2:20     Session 1 (rooms throughout high school)
     2:30-3:10     Session 2
     3:15-3:30     Raffles and Reflection, PHS Auditorium

Of course, we had prizes at the end.  There were the traditional prizes of a shirt or iPad stylus, but the real coveted prizes were the gift of time.

All administrators awarded one free hour of subbing for the winners.  Administrators will be in kindergarten, health, high school math, and other classes.  This was well received by our staff!

Lastly, we had staff reflect on the day using a Google Form.

View the actual day below!

Huge "thank you" to our technology department.  We had over 300 educators on our wireless network without one trouble!


  1. Map of high school either on edCamp site or through email prior to camp.
  2. Talk about and emphasize "independent learning". Let me explain, as educators we ask students to be independent learners.  In fact, we encourage it!  However, some teachers were adamant about how they wished there was an "expert" in the sessions.  There isn't always going to be an expert present when learning.  Having the discussion with staff about how this is an "independent learning' situation may be helpful to understanding the format of the sessions.

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