Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Haiku Deck Creation App on iPad

Today our Lunch N' Learn topic is YouTube.  Most of my information relates to computer/laptop aspects of YouTube, but I wanted to provide some information about YouTube on the iPad.

Recently, the native YouTube iPad app was removed.  Jasmine provides an alternative viewing option for YouTube videos.  This includes logging into a person's YouTube account.

To provide this information for our teachers, I created a seven slide presentation using the Haiku Deck creation app.

I liked the Haiku Deck app (FREE) as it was simple, yet provided an eloquent presentation for the information.  I didn't like the fact that I needed to create an account.  This adds one more step for students that takes class time.  I do like the fact that a student can "sign out" of the app.  This is extremely important as more than one student is using the iPad.

The sharing options are limited to email, Facebook, Twitter, and export.  The export option would be ideal if it was to the camera roll.  It's not.  It is simply an email.  This requires another step as students would need to set up their email on the iPad.

After emailing it to myself, the document opened in my Google drive.
I am able to share it through the "big blue button" that states share in my Google drive.

View It

The email option provides a live link which can be emailed.  However, when the email pops up, a public link is present.  This provides many features:

  • Sharing

  • Download

  • Embed

View another great example.
@sjgorman used the Haiku Deck for her iPadsummitusa.org presentation.  She chose

Overall, it seems to be a viable option for creation of content on the iPad.
View another tutorial of Haiku Deck.
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