Friday, December 2, 2011

Integrating Technology in Education

I can remember a time when we "went to the computer lab".  I am SO thankful that this is not the case in my educational setting.  Many people have viewed how we "use iPads in the classroom".  Today, I have written an entire educational opportunity on our classroom blog.  This demonstrates exactly how technology tools along with paper and pencil and varying conversation are intertwined in a learning experience.

From beginning to end, the students are 

in and out of technology.
in and out of camera use.
in and out of the web.
in and out of a Google Form.
in and out of an iPad2 app.
in and out of a calculator.  
in and out of collaborative whiteboard areas.  
in and out of direct instruction.  
in and out of an intellectual conversation with an adult. 

Partly viewed lesson on blog

Videos of Today's Lesson (iPad2=No Play List-See Channel For Details)

**Raw footage taken by me while teaching.  The video is a playlist of 23 videos. Enjoy!

The lesson really went well because I am seeing how students use their tech tool of choice.  I am certainly NOT standing in front and lecturing.  I especially liked how it flowed smoothly.  I do wish students would have tried the SimpleMindX app.  Maybe next time.
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