Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Common Craft Type Videos Entirely On The iPad

Mr. Krause, Mrs. McCumber, and Ms. Wilcox informed me today that he would like to complete Common Craft type videos on the iPad because, as he states it, "I like the explanation aspect".

I immediately thought, "This could be a great opportunity to create the entire video on the iPad."

I chose a drawing app, specifically Draw-n-Share Lite because of its paper feel, and it was free!

I also chose Explain Everything because it is the tool that best provides a canvas.  I thought of Lee and his "four 750 watt  bulbs" that he uses for shooting video.  We don't have that!  Explain Everything removes the additional equipment that is needed while still providing a great production canvas. View the process!

I also liked Explain Everything, because I could write a script for each slide, thus stating clearly what was to be spoken on each slide.  I used Evernote, but any tool, including paper and pencil, could be utilized.
With ONLY one hour into the project, I was able to make the following Producing Muscles In Plain English.

In one week, I look forward to viewing what the students create.

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