Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twitter A Spanish Conversational Tool

Today, I co-taught with the Spanish teacher.  It was the second time that Twitter was being used.  The purpose for using the tool was to have a place for students to converse in Spanish.  While we didn't expect any technical issues, we experienced them.  What isn't present in the video is the wonderful team teaching that occurred. In each class, two to three students didn't know their password or Twitter wouldn't recognize their account settings immediately.  The classroom teacher took these students aside and worked on configuring the accounts.  I took care of using Twitter for the purpose that the classroom teacher wanted.  Also, one student hadn't created an account.  I worked with that student to set up the account while the classroom teacher set out the Learning Targets for the day.

It was a great example of team teaching!

See how it works:

She also created a wonderful Digital Footprint Agreement with the students.  The students needed to read and digitally sign before heading onto twitter.  See her blog post.
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