Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Student Choice Presentation Tech Tools

Mr. Landers is culminating a science experiment by having students choose what presentation tool is best for their data.  Spending a morning with the content teacher prior to class allowed us to determine the choices that students could have.

During class, we emphasized with students that using a tech tool, "because you may have used it in the past" is not a great reason for using the tech tool this time.  Students were asked to investigate each tool so that they could decide the best tool.

The teacher took care of the content, while I, as a learning support teacher, was able to assist with some technical difficulties, mainly setting up Glogster accounts and other accounts for students.  It is always beneficial for two teachers to be present in a classroom of 26 students.

See the exact list of tools with link and document created for students.

See the choices that students had.

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