Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Newscast From The Past - World History

As we progress forward with the project, the Green Screen App by Do Ink will be used by some students.  Below is a basic instructional video followed by a complete tutorial.  Remember, each Do Ink creation can be produced to the iPad's camera roll.  Upon completion, combining multiple Green Screen creations into an iMovie project.  Produced together can be a completed project.

*Follow Up
After one week of three green screen set ups and 300 students experiencing the project with 30 iPads, some images, videos and final creations were completed.

French Newscast - Amazing Creativity and Production
Channel 7 News - Intro, Content, Commercials, and more
KTVU News - Amazing Production!

Some of the 2016 versions are saved and can be viewed.



Exporting Options - MP4

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