Monday, May 9, 2016

Images and Captions Using Google Drawing in Google Docs on iPad or Computer

Our students have conducted interviews with people in their families.  To enhance the papers that have been written, students will insert images with captions utilizing Google Drawing.

On Computer Tutorial

Important Items:

  • Insert Google Drawing within Google Doc
  • Add Image (from Google Drive)
  • Add Text 
  • Adjust Text with Font, Size, Color
  • Save & Close
  • Wrap Text
  • Adjust Picture in Document

On iPad Tutorial

Important Items:

  • Google Docs App
  • White Pencil In Blue Circle (edit documet)
  • Plus Sign
  • Image From Photos (or camera) (Download from Google Drive to Camera Roll)
  • Place Cursor Below Image, Center, Add Text For Caption
  • BONUS: Using Explain Everything or PicCollage
  • Place text on top of image 
  • Save Image to Camera Roll
  • Insert Image via Plus Sign that has Text on Top Of it
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