Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Newscast From The Past Using Green Screen by Do Ink In World History

Last year, we conducted the same learning opportunity, but some things were note perfect.
  • Students didn't stand in the correct place for adequate backgrounds
  • Students were expected to record and create all within the same small amount of time.
  • Students were sharing 30 iPads.
This year, we are organizing it differently.
  • Due to the flex mod schedule, I was able to teach the following information three times to all of our sophomore class students (about 350) in one day.
  • Students viewed the Green Screen during the entire large group mod to "make it real."
  • Students will sign up for a specific recording time.
  • Students will only use one iPad (we've purchased more iPads).
  • Students will have one one full week to create the video using the Green Screen app by Do Ink.

After producing the videos either completely in the DoInk app or in iMovie, a few of the final products were saved and can be viewed.

To practice and to show students an example, I created  a video for the iPadU Conference which I will  be speaking at in July.

View some recording images and videos
View Student Final Products
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