Monday, September 22, 2014

Google Forms - Customize Banner via Google Draw & Password Protected

Through Chad Kafka, I learned how to use Google Draw to customize a heading in Google Forms.  Google Forms are being implemented by teachers for everything from student surveys for Teacher Effectiveness to assessments in class.

A banner is at the top of the Google Form.

While themes are available for changing,

the ability to customize may be something you, as an educator, could model for your students.  Students may find them to be helpful as they create forms for different data accumulation.

While Chad shows us how to make a customizable banner using Google Draw, any image that is 1200 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall will fit.

You'll need this Google Drive TEMPLATE. You will click FILE > MAKE A COPY

I made one for our biology department's common assessment.

It was truly easy to complete and really added some design to the Google Form.

If you would like more Google Form customizing, view the video below.

To create more items to enhance the validity of the assessment, we created passwords.  The idea originated for me, here.  The first field in the form should be password with the following additional settings. In between the ^$ type the characters that you would like to add as a password.  

In the next field, add an item that is a page  break.

Finally, add an item as your first field of you assessment or survey.

If you would like to use a previous Google form, but would like to delete "last year's data entry), simply select all of the rows and delete them.  The data in the rows will delete, but the form will be unaffected.

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