Monday, March 23, 2015

Snapguide: How To Make...Tool

Snapguide has been a tech tool for a few years.

I have not had a reason to use it until Mrs. Moehr, FACS teacher, presented me with "Is there a technology tool that can create a step by step guide to demonstrate creating a garnish for a food?" View the complete project

Enter Snapguide.

While Snapguide is web based, the iPad and Snapguide App is truly the tool that makes the entire process quite simple.

After thinking through the Mrs. Moehr's project requirements, I decided Heavenly Mint Dessert would be perfect for an Andes Mint garnish and a great example using Snapguide.

The final product viewed on the web looks like a scrollable poster.  Embedding the Snapguide is also available with custom creation of the "highlight color" and size of embed.

Check out How to Create Andes Mints Garnish for Heavenly Dessert. by Recess Duty on Snapguide.

While taking pictures from the internet for a Snapguide is an option, I found it was challenging to find the exact steps in pictures that I wanted.  After creating an account for the first time using the iPad, small tutorial bubbles of help text will be displayed.

Taking the pictures prior to creating the Snapguide proved to be effective as I was able to click on all of the pictures in my sequence at one time.  

If a web browser is available, the same process exists for creating a Snapguide.  It is possible to drag and drop multiple images into the Snapguide on the computer.  The images will be placed in the order in which they were on the computer.

After screen shotting each step of the next example on the iPad, I uploaded the images to Google Drive so that I could download them on my computer.  Snapguide needed to have the images be a .jpg.  I needed to convert the images from a .png file which was accomplished in a few steps.
My second Snapguide provides step by step directions to create more storage on an iPad.

Check out How to Create More Storage on Your iOS Device. by Recess Duty on Snapguide.

To complete the project, a Google Form has been created to acquire the web links associated with each Snapguide.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to create appropriate comments on peers' creations.  Again, this will be a great opportunity to for teachable moments on appropriate digital citizenship.

*No "under 13" age restrictions allows for all grade levels to use this tech tool for creating step by step tutorials.

Snapguide Ideas For Content Areas
  • Social Studies: How to understand (any event in history)
  • Science: How to create (a certain lab)
  • Math: How to create (an answer with the Quadratic Formula) or any math concept
  • English: How to create (a well written paragraph)
  • FACS: How to create (any food item)
  • Autos: How to change (a tire) or related activity
  • Woods: How to make (a chalkboard cabinet door)
  • Art: How to draw (a face) or anything
  • Foreign Language: How to write (a proper sentence)
  • ELL: Choose a Snapguide and read through the steps while viewing related images

Monday, March 9, 2015

Facilitate Classroom Discussion Using LetsGeddit and Google Forms

***Received email today (3-14-15) that Lets Geddit is shutting down July 1.  Unfortunate, because it is (was) a great classroom tool.

Let's Geddit

The feature of Geddit that may attract teachers to it is the "confidence" feature.  After students answer the question(s), students must rank their level of confidence in answering the question.

Students will use the Geddit App on an iPad or iPhone, while teachers will use Let's Geddit.
View set up and interaction from the teacher's perspective and the student's perspective in the same tutorial.

Teacher and co founder of Geddit, Justin Mann, explains how it works:

Setting Up A Teacher Account, Student Interaction, & Data Analysis

Google Forms

Creating questions prior to class or during class as the content progresses is a tremendous way for analyzing understanding.
Certain features of Geddit do not exist in Google Forms with such ease, such as conversations with the students.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toontastic iPad App For Social Studies

Mr. Rodal, social studies teacher, wanted a "Show What You Know" tool so that students understand the process of resolving conflicts through conversation in an organized manner.

Many video tutorials exist for the Toontastic App

However, presenting a video to students may be too long or not personal.  I created a presentation using one of the 24 unique Google Slide templates from Slides Carnival.

Presentation Link

Monday, February 23, 2015

Doctopus + Goobric + Google Classroom

If you are considering using Google Classroom or are a current user, connecting Doctopus and Goobric would be an excellent efficiency tool.

If you use a rubric to grade student work, Doctopus and Goobric will allow for an assessor to place a rubric directly on a digital document.

During Lunch N' Learn, the "how to's" and "what if's" will be discussed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WIX Website Building For Spanish Students

Mrs. Titler and Ms. Slusarek, PHS Spanish teachers, asked a few weeks ago about website building tools for students to "Show What They Know".  Besides Google Sites, WIX was a suggestion I provided as it is an easy drag and drop tool to build a website.

A guest blog post is below along with student examples.

The students just completed a project where they had to make a web page giving advice and suggestions to people who want to be come different types of professions. The students worked with a partner, picked a profession and created the webpage with information such as typical day, salary, description of job duties and characteristics of a good worker. They did a great job, but I especially liked the projects that used WIX. This was a new web building tool for me and I was very pleased with how the website looked. The students said that it was easy to use, but that they needed a lot of information to fill it up. I included some examples here for you to see. There are some errors, but the overall presentation is what I wanted to share with you. Thank you for the suggestion!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Sketchnote Process

One of the twenty-four Google Slide templates serves as the backdrop for explaining Sketchnotes to students. Sketchnoting is a process that I started about two years ago.  It wasn't until the implementation of the Flex Mod schedule and true designation of "large group instruction" time, that I found a place for Sketchnoting.  Now, I am certain that Sketchnoting will fit into a student's life.

After extensive reading, speaking with educators, and practicing, I believe Sketchnoting can be and should be a tool used often in a student's educational life.  Whether completed using paper and pencil or a tremendous art app (Paper 53 now free) which is included in my "Top Tech Tool" infographic, the process can truly revolutionize one's ability to remember concepts.

A presentation intended for teachers and students on the "Art of Sketchnoting".  It will take about 25 minutes to share all the information with students or adults.  Consider giving students or staff a blank piece of 8.5" x 11" paper to "sketchnote" the presentation.  It's a great eye opener to see how the notes start with all words and progresses to images and words as the end of the presentation draws near.
View In Different Window

Monday, February 9, 2015

iMovie: Integration Apps For The iPad

It is important to understand the tools that exist for efficient, effective, and engaging productivity by our students and staff utilizing the iPad. 

This does not dismiss the importance and necessity of Google apps or Creation apps used on the iPad, but "showing what you know" is a critical skill for students. 

Continuing a four part series of Integrating Apps for the iPad will be our Lunch N' Learn's focus.

Four Apps. True Productivity.

Week 1: Notability
Week 2: Recordium
Week 3: Explain Everything
Week 4: iMovie

Define: Integrat(ion)

iMovie has been used, either in movie mode or trailer mode forty-seven documented times in our middle and high school.

Extremely Versatile Creation Tool
All About Your Image
Age of Reason Fantasy Draft in Social Studies
40 Seconds With Flex Mod Digital Workflow
Assessment Ideas At Your Fingertips Using the iPad
Food Talks Using Chatterpix
Flex Modular Scheduling - Here We Go
iPad and iMovie Brings Smiles On Fishing Trip
n2y Winner, Mrs. Morgan!
iMovie on iPad - Adding Subtitles
4th Annual Good Triathlon
App Smash Options For End of Year Projects
Final Four App Madness Breakdown
Teacher Sub Plans For Substitute Teacher Via iPad and YouTube
Splicing iMovie and Exporting To Explain Everything
App Smash PicCollage and iMovie Student Example
G Drive (Green) App For Downloading Video To iPad
Basic Anatomy Students Helping Patients
Illustrating A Book On an iPad or Online
iMovie Updates in iOS 7
Lunch N' Learn Promotion Using Canva
Storyboarding For iMovie
U.S. History 1990 and Early 2000 iMovie Trailers
Meograph - Four Dimensional Storytelling
Teacher's First iMovie Creation
3rd Annual Goody Challenge
Many Students Taking Video To Google Drive To iMovie
iMovie Trailers For Renewable Energy Resources
Students Using iMovie Trailer To Promote Alternate Energy Business
Creation Apps and Web For Anatomy Problem Based Learning
Lunch N' Learn Trailer Using Intro Designer App
8th Grade Scheduling Open House
FACS Infomercial Using iMovie
iMovie To Document Hunger Banquet
Anatomy PBL Video
Aid To third World Country Using iMovie
Project Based Learning In Anatomy Using iMovie
iMovie Trailer Student Reaction
iMovie Trailer For Absolute Ruler Promotion
iMovie Trailer Options For Students To Acquire Material 
iMovie Tutorial For Teacher To Show In Class
Transfer of Matter Through iMovie and Skitch
Story Term Project
iMovie For Seven Deadly Sins of Video
Creating America's Story on the iPad
Best Learning Experiences 2011-2012
iPad, iMovie, Extras4iMovie, and Scroll Credits

24 Google Slides Templates You Can Use On Your iPad

There is no shortage of Google Slide templates found on the web that can be in addition to "already created" templates with in Google Slides.
While browsing for templates, SlidesCarnival makes the "Hey, Look at me!" statement that you can't ignore.  The templates are fantastic!

View them within categories
or All Templates

On the web, using them is quite simple,
Start creating...

However, this process does NOT allow you to use them on an iPad.

My solution.

Using THIS GOOGLE FOLDER, all of the templates have been downloaded into this folder as a .PPTX.  Clicking on this FOLDER in the Safari web browser will allow for downloading the file.

Once the download has completed, A "Open In..." feature will be present so that it can be opened in the Google Slides app.

Once you have opened it in the Google Slides app, adding images and adjusting the text is easy.

View how to...

On the iPad and in Safari, CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE A TEMPLATE.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Eight Deadly Sins of Camerawork (With An iPad)

With an iPad, video taping is a snap.  However, remembering effective tips can make a person's final product better than ever!

In seventh grade, I will be presenting the information below to students who are embarking on a project.

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