Monday, January 26, 2015

Recordium: Integration Apps For The iPad

It is important to understand the tools that exist for efficient, effective, and engaging productivity by our students and staff utilizing the iPad.

This does not dismiss the importance and necessity of Google apps or Creation apps used on the iPad, but enhanced audio recordings can be created with ease while using the iPad.

Part two of our four part series of Integrating Apps for the iPad starts now.

Four Apps. True Productivity.

Week 1: Notability
Week 2: Recordium
Week 3: Explain Everything
Week 4: iMovie

Define: Ingerat(ion)
Recordium iPad App Free Paid $4.99
Recordium for iPad is a powerful audio-recording app that lets a student/staff member
  • highlight while parts of speech
  • tag portions of the speech
  • drop a note exactly at the point of the speech while still hearing the lecture
  • add an image exactly during the time of the speech that it's needed
  • trimming tool of the speech to cut out unwanted parts
  • Pause/Start feature that is seamless
  • share the recording via Google Drive or email
Images of Recordium Options and example of Recordium projects.  (The projects in this folder are in a .CAF format which is only accessible by using the Recordium app.  As is shown below, changing the settings BEFORE recording can provide two options for listening without the app: MP4 & WAV.

I personally used the Recordium app in Anatomy Class. My reflections:

  • Easy pause/record when there was a break in the lecture
  • Tags of "New To Me" and "Review" were SO HELPFUL when adding quick
    statements to audio 
  • Loved that all annotations were placed directly where I placed them during recording
  • Photo feature allowed me to zoom in to take a quality photo of the slide and that it was placed directly at the point in which the teacher provided the information
  • I needed to have the microphone input greater than normal (image can be viewed here)
  • I was in the back of the room and was able to pick up the audio of the teacher.

If all of the additional features are not needed from Recordium, consider Audio Memos Free.  However, some functions you will NOT get with this app.
  • Folder organization
  • Exporting to Google Drive
Item you will get in free version: 
  • Ads
  • Password Protection of Recordings

As we move into the Flex Mod schedule, these apps would be PERFECT for large group instruction time.  Recording and annotating a lecture can lead to reviewing of that lecture during Personal Learning Time (PLT).

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Explain Everything For Read Aloud Book - To Kill A Mockingbird

A number of months ago, Mrs. Deprey, one of our English teachers, was expressing her frustrations with the recorded reading that was given to her of the book, "To Kill a Mockingbird".  The slowness of the reader and lack of voice inflection, was enough to put her students in a state of uninterested!

I suggested to her to use Explain Everything because I knew PDFs could be imported, annotation of the screen was easy, and audio recordings all could happen with efficiency.

We found "To Kill a Mockingbird" in PDF format. As great as Explain Everything is it placed each page of the pdf onto different "slides".

Each chapter was recorded separately in Explain Everything due to organization and size of file.  Due to the fact that some of the readers in this class are struggling readers, Mrs. Deprey used the "highlighter" to help with following the words while reading.

The great thing with Explain Everything is that rerecording is so easy.  If the teacher incorrectly recorded a portion, the timeline was shown and was simply recorded again.

I'm so impressed with the entire site that has been created for the book.

Combining vocabulary, readings with Explain Everything, and Kahoot follow up activities, has improved the enjoyment and engagement of the students tremendously according to Mrs. Deprey.

As you will see from Chapter 1's reading, the speed is easy to follow.  Mrs. Deprey has stated that she has cut the reading time down 2/3 of what it was previously.  

Better engagement, Better enjoyment, in two-thirds the time.

The innovation! That's Explain Everything.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Semester 1 - Lunch N' Learn Topics

Our semester ends today.  Our staff has participated in sixteen volunteer learning opportunities during Lunch N' Learns!  I appreciate every one of them whether they participate in person or view the resources online as I know it takes time out of their extremely busy schedule.

Relive all of them...

Jan 9: Notability: Integration Apps For The iPad

Jan 6: Game of Chromes

Dec 16: All About Your Image

Dec 2: Winter Tech Tips

Nov 25: Midwest Google Summit Discoveries Shared

Nov 11: Shadow Puppet and Storybird For Creation

Nov 4: Google Drive Updates

Oct 28: iTunes U & iBooks Content Introduction

Oct 21: Google Sheets, Slides, & Classroom on the iPad

Oct 14: Google Drive & Docs on the iPad

Oct 7: iPad Creation Apps Update

Sept 30: Google Forms: Only One Response, Shuffle Questions & More

Sept 30:  Google Templates, Google "Save As A Doc"

Sept 23:  Google Forms - Customize Banner via Google Draw & Password Protected

Sept 16: Google Classroom & Random Ticket Generator

Sept 9: High School Learning Spaces

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Game of Chromes - Introducing Vocab and Mexican Culture

As many readers of iPaddiction know, I created a Game of Chromes pre/review learning activity.  After introducing it to our teachers, Ms. Slusarek, our high school Spanish teacher is integrating it into her classroom.  Below is the set of cards she will be using with students!

View It

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Search iPad For Purchased Apps

Helpful for managing space on the iPad.  Delete apps not using, but quickly install apps when needed.

INSERT Images in Google Slides on the iPad

Because of this...

I created this (Template that can be shared with students through email or teacher website/blog)...

Insert Image in a Google Slide
(presentation) on an iPad

View Step By Step Images

1. Open above link in Safari and download using download arrow

2.  Once downloaded, tap white screen and click Open in Slides

3.  Click Upload

4.  Click + sign to obtain options

*all needed only until the native Google Slides iPad app can accomplish it

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

iPad or iPhone Upload Image To Google Drive

Student Learning Emphasizing iPad as a Learning Tool

As our district has a staff inservice to discuss/collaborate/move forward with student learning, I was asked to provide ideas that utilize the iPad.

Icebreaker Ideas:

  • Have participants draw a self portrait in a certain time frame using
  • Take a selfie and decorate it, share with group
  • Have participants describe themselves using
    • Chatterpix (take a picture of themselves or anything that they can put voice to)
  • Have participants create a three image story that describes a joy in their life using
  • Play a "Game of Phones" or "Game of Chromes
    • Use already made cards
    • Create your own
    • Participants use Smartphone or iPad
List of Creation Apps:
Workflow apps are numerous, but some are better than others

Monday, January 19, 2015

Notability: Integration Apps For The iPad

It is important to understand the tools that exist for efficient, effective, and engaging productivity by our students and staff utilizing the iPad.

This does not dismiss the importance and necessity of Google apps or Creation apps used on the iPad, but note taking is a critical skill that students need to have.

Starting now, a four part series of Integrating Apps for the iPad will be our Lunch N' Learn's focus.

Four Apps. True Productivity.

Week 1: Notability
Week 2: Recordium
Week 3: Explain Everything
Week 4: iMovie

Define: Integrat(ion)

Notability iPad App $2.99, Mac App $4.99
Notability For iPad: Much More Than A Note Taking App, includes many features that help students efficiently take notes and complete assigned writing tasks.

I utilized a number of Notability features in the screen shots and videos below.

Specifics include:
  • Full-featured handwriting
  • PDF annotation
  • Advanced word processing
  • Audio recording linked to notes
  • Media insertion of photographs, web clips, figures, drawings.
  • Class, Subject, Content organized by color
  • Integration with MANY other apps
  • Cloud storage 
In addition to this, the integration with OTHER apps are numerous.  As the picture on the right demonstrates.  Often used apps such as Google Drive are easily integrated.

Handwritten notes, typed words, diagrams, web pages are all incredible features that can be utilized with Notability.

In addition, anything on the note can be cut and moved to any other place on the note.

With the drop down menu, any one of five media options can be included in a note.  This could be a tremendous way for students to prove what they are writing about by providing resources.

Students can also write on and return any worksheet that a teacher may create.

Watch a student demonstrate using Notability.

Watch how students use Notability for creating Cornell Notes.

If you would like to see all the features, you can watch the video below.
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