Thursday, May 10, 2012

iPad, iMovie, Extras4iMovie, and Scroll Credits For Video Production

Yesterday, our students volunteered a day's worth of time to help elementary students learn about bike safety.  I decided to video and take pictures of the entire process, but wasn't really sure what I would do with the images and video.

On the way home, I decided this would be a perfect excuse...err reason for me to purchase the iMovie app for iPad to discover its features.  One other video editing app that I have used in the past is REEL DIRECTOR.  I like it, but it is rather cumbersome to use.

I really enjoyed and became proficient at using iMovie for iPad in a within 1 hour of first use.  The timeline and features that go with it are efficient.  The themes are a nice addition.  Adding video was extremely easy as it is located in the list of videos.  Same with pictures and songs.

I really like how sound from video clips mutes the song of the entire movie while it is playing.  Adding voice to a video clip is easy as well.

I also purchased Extras4iMovie, and Scroll Credits.  Both apps have an incredible amount of additional backgrounds and clip art.  I used the Extras4iMovie to create the scrolling edits at the end.  I nice feature.

I will be using iMovie more than Reel Director from now on based on the fact that my user experience with iMovie was better than Reel Director.

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