Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Explain Everything Used For Individual Instruction

***Teachers and administrators from the Port Washington school district were an honored guest in my classroom. I feel so thankful that teachers and administrators want to view how educational learning experiences can be dramatically changed with the use of technology devices.

All of our students did not perform exceptionally well on our Chapter 7 assessment.  I needed a way to allow for students to receive the individual instruction that they needed based on the concepts that they did not understand.  I devised a lesson that followed this format.  The entire format of the lesson is presented their and details the tech tools that are used at specific times.

All of the videos were created with the Explain Everything app.  The app provided a way for me to take pictures of the test that I completed.  I then created additional audio comments and visual help.  Students commented on how they were able to go at their own pace.

The iPad and all that comes with it allows for me to really individualize the learning experience.

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