Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Explain Everything For New Approach

I am going to try a new approach for students to understand and most importantly to remember events from social studies.  We are studying the events of westward expansion leading up to the Civil War.  I am providing two apps to the students.

U.S. History Timeline
Explain Everything

In addition, we discussed in depth the "Fair Use" policies of using images.  The Open Clip Art website was introduced.  We also discussed that all citations of images will be in blue with a certain font.

Students will be guided by me to find about 10 answers based on questions I pose pertaining to 10 major events.  They will use the U.S. History Timeline to discover the answers.  Once the answers are found and verified, students will create slides in Explain Everything.

The intent is to create the slides as a digital medium for telling the story.  After all the information is gathered, students will return to the beginning of the created digital story and write a script.  They will then record themselves recounting the events leading up to the Civil War.

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