Friday, March 9, 2012

Skitch App Two More Uses

The Skitch App continues to be a go to tool!

What would have required me to print off 50 sheets of paper with no opportunity to share the completed work, turned into a use of the app and blogging about our learning.

Different Math Class:
I really liked the use of the Skitch app as shown below.  We have been introducing the students to the area of trapezoids and triangles.  In the past, we would have simply looked at black outlines of these shapes in our white paged textbook.

With the Skitch App, we took real pictures of shapes found in our world and applied the formula and what we knew.

Some examples of student work (for privacy I have not noted source)

Students finally blogged about their experience along with using the numbers to solve the area.

Engaging?  Yes!
Productive? Yes!
Creative? Yes!
Long Lasting? Hopefully!
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