Thursday, December 8, 2011

Student Teachers Using Screen Chomp

This may have been one of the greatest learning experiences in our room!

I discovered...
  • that students loved using the Screen Chomp app as one student said, "This is better than regular math."  
  • that while assignments were done correctly, once students needed to explain it, some struggled.  I was then able to help them.
  • that students loved seeing their video tweeted!
  • students adapt and understand tools in apps very quickly!  I did give a small set of direct instructions!
  • students realized how difficult it is to teach as some had to "start over" with their production.
  • Screen Chomp will be a great way to share screen casts by students
  • that the possibilities are endless!

IMPORTANT: Once sharing on Twitter, Screen Chomp will save password.  Teach "Signing Out" after posting to twitter!  SEE THE WARNING 

The Process: (Playlist Link For iPad Users)

PRODUCTIONS: Future Professional Educators!  
World of Awesomeness #1
World of Awesomeness #2
World of Awesomeness #3
World of Awesomeness #4
World of Awesomeness #5

The Day After:  More Discussion!
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