Friday, March 2, 2012

Teaching Teachers Who Will Experience 1:1 iPad in 2012

Today, I had the privilege of teaching a high school staff about tech tools that I have used in my iPad filled classroom.  Next year, the high school students will be using an iPad on a daily basis.  The iPad will be theirs to use during the school year.

This school did the correct thing by getting the iPads into the hands of the teachers well before they are asked to lead students with them.  Teachers have had the iPads for about 2 months.

The presentation that I used is below.  Highlights are listed below the presentation.

Some highlights:

  • Tips and Tricks: Slide 4
  • Knowing 21st Century Students: Slide 6
  • 21st Century Educational Settings: Slide 15
  • Classroom Setup: Slide 20
  • Finding Apps: Slide 31
  • Being App Literate: Slide 38
  • My App List: Slide 40
  • Lesson Integrating Technology With Students: Slide 48
  • Lesson Integrating Technology With Adults: Slide 49 
  • Lists of Apps: Slide 50 to Slide 55
  • Digital Citizenship: Slide 66
It truly was a great experience.  I really enjoy teaching adults about iPad/technology/21st century classroom techniques so that they can implement techniques with their students.

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